2013 is the Year of English!

December 27, 2012

Year of English

Dear PhraseMix fan,

You've probably been studying English for many years. Each year you get a little bit better, but you still haven't reached the heights of fluency that you wished for.

2013 is the year.

This year, make a commitment that you're going to become fluent. Write it down. Share it with your friends: "I'm going to become FLUENT in English in 2013!"

To help you, I'm putting together a FREE daily newsletter. You can sign up for it at yearofenglish.com

How is this different from PhraseMix?

PhraseMix is a specific kind of learning method, based on learning and memorizing useful phrases. I believe it's one of the most effective methods for learning a language.

The Year Of English newsletter will include some lessons, but also advice, and assignments. There will be content from PhraseMix as well as from partners like Kaplan.

Let's do it!

Please visit yearofenglish.com, join the email list, and share it with your friends!

Thanks (as always),

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