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A new feature for the audio player

Today a new PhraseMix subscriber asked for a feature which I was able to create pretty quickly.

The PhraseMix audio player includes a "repeat" button. Until now, the "repeat" button would repeat the entire playlist, including both the lesson sentence and the situation. 

Image of the PhraseMix audio player.

But what if you want...

The hard parts of understanding English conversation

This week, I met up with the blogger Adir Ferreira from Transparent Language Brazil. He was on his first trip to the U.S. and came to New York for a few days.

In our conversation, Adir mentioned that this was his first immersion experience in English. Although he had studied English for...

Considering a new format for the audio recordings

I've been thinking of adding a new section to the audio on each lesson for PhraseMix Premium users. It would be a version of the example sentence, split up so that you can hear and repeat the individual parts of the sentence. Here's an example:

Notice the...

The three types of language learner

Yesterday, I shared a theory of mine that people learn English for a few reasons:

  • to get a job
  • to get into school
  • to make friends or relationships
  • to travel
  • because they like the feeling of accomplishment

As I started to think about it a little bit more, I realized that it's even more basic...

You're so cool.

I hope you won't be embarrassed if I praise you a little.

You're one of the very best and bravest English learners. How do I know that? Because you're reading this. You're reading a blog post written in English, on a site that's written completely in English, without a bit of translation into...

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