“There are people who actually earn a good living as bloggers.”

English Lesson: There are people who actually earn a good living as bloggers.

You just started a blog and are hoping to make some money. Your friend doesn't think anyone can maka a living this way. You tell him that he's not quite right about that.

There are people who actually earn a good living as bloggers.

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earn a living as a (job title)

To "earn a living" means to make enough money to pay for your food, rent, car, and so on. You tell what job you're talking about with the phrase "earn a living as ___".

Do you think it's realistic to hope to earn a living as a musician?

The phrase "earn a good living" means to make more than just the basic amount necessary. A person who "earns a good living" isn't rich, but isn't poor either.

It used to be that you could earn a good living as a driver, but these days it's hard.

actually (do something)

"Actually" is a word that you use when you're saying something that you think will be surprising or new information to the listeners. For example:

Wow, this is actually pretty good.

I actually did it myself.

You can use "actually" in several places in a sentence. One place is before a verb:

I actually left it at home.

Another is before an adjective:

It's actually fun.

A third is before a noun:

He's actually my brother.

a blogger

A "blog" is a website that has regularly updated posts, arranged by date. The most recent posts are at the top of the list.

A "blogger" is someone who runs a blog or writes for one.

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