English Lessons

English Lesson: Mmm! This is terrific!

You are eating dinner at your wife's cousin's house. You don't know this cousin very well. You are enjoying the food and want to thank your wife's cousin's cooking. While you're eating, you say this.

English Lesson: No exceptions!

You are responsible for processing employees' reimbursement requests at your company. You need for everyone to submit their requests by the 8th of each month, but every month some people try to send theirs after the due date. You don't want them t...

English Lesson: Yeah, no problem.

You're sitting in a coffee shop. Someone who you don't know asks if you will watch over her stuff for her. You say this because you don't mind.

English Lesson: Go right ahead.

You're in a coffee shop. Someone asked to use the chair next to you by asking "Is this seat taken?". You're not using it, so you say this.

English Lesson: I've got to get my own place.

You live with your parents, but you get really annoyed with them. You're fed up with it and feel like you really want to move into an apartment by yourself.

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