English Lessons

English Lesson: All right man, take it easy!

You ran into a friend from college on the street and made small talk for a few minutes. Now you're leaving. You say this.

English Lesson: I miss hanging out with people that I can really geek out about this kind of stuff with.

You're having coffee with an old friend who was in your foreign film club in college. You've been having fun talking about foreign films together. Recently you don't have many chances to talk about them with people, so you tell your friend that yo...

English Lesson: I consider myself a spiritual person, but I don't adhere to any particular organized religion.

You're talking with an acquaintance that you're staring to become closer friends with. She asks about your religious beliefs. You don't officially belong to any religious group. You say:

English Lesson: *Limit one per customer.

You're selling a product on your website. This week, you're having a sale so you're selling the products for a really low price. You don't want to sell too many at that low price, or you'll lose money. Under the price on the website you write:

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