English Lessons

English Lesson: I've come a long way since then.

You are a web designer. You are looking at a website that you designed 10 years ago. Now it looks really old and unattractive. You say this about your progress.

English Lesson: I'm starving! Let's eat.

You're meeting your friend for lunch. When you meet her outside of the restaurant, you're really hungry. You say this because you want to go in quickly.

English Lesson: Don't tempt me!

You're on a diet, but you have trouble sticking to it. Someone offers you a cookie. You want to eat it, but you know you shouldn't. You say this.

English Lesson: It's occupied!

You're using the bathroom at a restaurant. There's only one toilet. Someone is trying to open the door, and you want to let them know that they can't come in because you're already in there. You yell this at the person.

English Lesson: What was that?

You're talking with your friend on the telephone, and the signal is breaking up. She said something, but you didn't hear what she said. You ask her this.

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