English Lessons

English Lesson: So, yeah. Anyway...

You're on a first date at a restaurant. You were telling a story about the town you grew up in. Now your story's done and you don't have anything else to talk about. Awkwardly, you say this.

English Lesson: A fugitive has been apprehended after attempting to escape from a Durham county jail.

You're watching the news on TV. There's some news about a prisoner who escaped, but has now been caught again. The news anchor (TV announcer) says this.

English Lesson: I do think that you sometimes come across as a bit aggressive.

You're evaluating one of your employees. He often seems angry when speaking to you and other employees. You criticize him in a very soft, polite way.

English Lesson: People will say almost anything to get out of jury duty.

Your coworker got a notice in the mail saying that he had to go to court to serve on a jury. He doesn't want to stay for a whole trial, so you have a conversation about different ways to avoid it.

English Lesson: What's the deal with this soup?

You come home and your wife is watching TV. You see that there's a pot of cold soup on the stove, but you don't know whether it's good to eat or whether it needs to be thrown out. You ask this to find out.

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