English Lessons

English Lesson: All baggage must be stowed in the overhead container.

You've just boarded an airplane. Everyone is now on the plane, but people are still putting away their bags and other things. The flight attendant says this.

English Lesson: Daddy has to go to work now, tiger.

You were talking to your son in the morning, but now you have to go to work. You say this to him before saying goodbye.

English Lesson: She insisted that I take it.

You visit your grandmother. When you're leaving, she tries to give you some money but you say "No thanks." She tells you that you have to take it. This is how you describe these events to a friend.

English Lesson: Indeed.

You and a friend are eating at an outdoor cafe. Someone drives by in a really fancy sports car. Your friend comments that it's a cool car. You agree.

English Lesson: Do you still want to get together?

You made vague plans to meet an old friend of yours this weekend, but you haven't heard from her and want to check to make sure that she hasn't changed her plans. You ask this.

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