English Lessons

English Lesson: Wow, is that old place still around?

You're visiting the town where you went to college many years ago. You're riding around the town with a college friend who still lives there. You ride past a book store that you used to go to a lot, and you're surprised that it's open.

English Lesson: Please tell me I don't have to start over from scratch...

You're writing a resume for applying to jobs. You've been working on it for over an hour, but you forgot to save it. The computer program crashed, and now you hope that your work was automatically saved so you don't have to re-write it. You think ...

English Lesson: She was a stray that I took in.

A coworker is visiting your house for the first time. You have a cat which doesn't like strangers very much. The coworker comments on the cat's personality, so you explain why the cat is shy around people.

English Lesson: That's weird. I could have sworn I put it here.

You're looking for the book that you're reading. You thought it was on the nightstand next to your bed, but it's not there. You think this to yourself.

English Lesson: They had me on hold for like 20 minutes!

You had to call your cable company because of a problem with your bill. They made you wait on the phone for a long time. You're complaining about this experience to a co-worker. You say this.

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