English Lessons

English Lesson: Thanks a lot!

You're sick. Your friend called you, and she said that you sound horrible. You have a cold, so your voice does sound messed up. But you pretend to be offended by your friend criticizing your voice. You say this in jest.

English Lesson: Janu is going to be filling in for me while I'm out on maternity leave.

You're pregnant. You'll be out of the office for several weeks when you have your baby. Your boss has hired a temporary worker to do your job while you're gone. Now you're introducing her to some of your coworkers.

English Lesson: No way. You don't stand a chance!

You're talking with a friend about an upcoming professional baseball game. Your friend's favorite team is playing, and your friend says that they're going to win. You completely disagree.

English Lesson: I'll keep an eye out for it.

You're a receptionist in an office. An employee at the company is waiting for a package and asked if it had been delivered yet. It hasn't, but you say this to let her know that you'll bring it to her when it arrives.

English Lesson: I ran into someone I haven't seen in years.

Earlier in the day, you saw someone that you used to know but haven't seen for several years & were surprised. You say this when you tell your sister about it later.

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