English Lessons

English Lesson: I’m... ah... I'm exploring my options right now.

You're at a family reunion. One of your uncles asks about your work situation. You don't have a job right now. You're embarrassed, so you describe your situation this way.

English Lesson: Have a good one!

You're leaving work for the weekend on a Friday afternoon. You see someone who you work with, but don't know very well. You nod and say goodbye this way.

English Lesson: We're not stopping to get ice cream, and that's that!

You're riding in a car with your family. Your kids are in the back seat, and they're begging you to get ice cream for them. They keep asking again and again, but you keep saying "no". Now it's starting to annoy you. You say this to end the convers...

English Lesson: If you have questions about anything, feel free to come by and ask, any time.

There's a new employee at your company. You've just introduced yourself. You offer to help this person.

English Lesson: Not exactly, but I did get some promising leads.

You're a salesperson. You just got back from a conference. Your boss asks if you made any sales. You didn't, but you met several people who you think you might be able to sell to successfully. You say this in response.

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