English Lessons

English Lesson: Her health had been deteriorating for many years.

Your grandmother passed away after being sick for several years. You're back at work now after going to her funeral, and talking to a co-worker who's come to give her condolences. You explain to her that your grandmother's death is not surprising,...

English Lesson: Excuse me. Would you mind watching over my stuff for me for just a minute?

You're studying in a coffee shop by yourself. You want to get up to use the bathroom, but you're worried that someone will take your books or move them. You ask this to the woman who's sitting next to you.

English Lesson: Unfortunately, the people who seem to get ahead are the ones who know how to kiss ass the best.

You're upset because you work hard at your job but don't get much money or respect. The people who get promoted at your company are all very friendly to the boss. You complain this to a friend.

English Lesson: Welcome to the team! It’s great to have you with us.

You just hired a new employee. She comes in for her first day of work. You say this to welcome her.

English Lesson: What this all means for you guys is that everything needs to be in by Wednesday.

You're having a meeting about a project that you're in charge of at work. You've given a lot of information and detail about the project to the meeting participants. You say this to make sure that everyone understands clearly what you want them to...

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