English Lessons

English Lesson: Got it.

You're being trained in how to use a computer program at work. Your coworker shows you how to do something. You respond to show that you understand.

English Lesson: You've got a lot going for you.

Your friend isn't feeling confident because he didn't get a job he was applying for. You want to make him feel better by telling him he has a lot of great qualities, so you say this.

English Lesson: So much for leaving at a decent time...

You often have to work late hours. Today you wanted to leave work at 6:00, but you were too busy. Now it's 8:00, and you're still working. You think this to yourself.

English Lesson: On the bright side, we were able to cut costs by 20%

You're giving a presentation on your company's financial performance. You just told the audience that the company made a little less money this year. Now you introduce a more positive piece of information.

English Lesson: Fine! I'll take it back!

You bought your wife a new TV for her birthday. But she says she doesn't want it and she's angry that you bought such an expensive gift. After arguing about it for a few minutes, you decide that you'll try to return the TV to the store to get a re...

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