English Lessons

English Lesson: As you're well aware, all requests for tech support are to go through me.

You're the manager of a tech support department at a company. People are supposed to e-mail you when they need help with their computers and other technology. Then you choose an employee from your staff to help them. One coworker doesn't follow th...

English Lesson: Does that sound good?

You're leading a meeting at work. You've just finished listing the items that you want to discuss in the meeting. Now you want to make sure that the other meeting participants feel comfortable to speak, so you ask a simple question.

English Lesson: Think it over and let me know in the next week or so.

You just interviewed someone for a job in your department. You liked him, so you offered him the job. He didn't immediately make a decision, so you say this to give him some more time to think about it.

English Lesson: Guys, I thought that Craig brought up a good point earlier.

You're in a meeting at work. There's a discussion going on. One of your coworkers said something that was smart, but the other people didn't seem to notice what he said. You support him.

English Lesson: Yeah, good luck with that.

Your friend isn't a very good singer, but he tells you that he's going to enter a singing talent show. He says that he's sure that he'll win first place. You don't think that's possible. You say this under your breath (quietly, so he can't hear).

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