English Lessons

English Lesson: From now on, you need to bring any discrepancies to my attention immediately.

There was an error in the records showing how much money one client owed your company. One of your employees found out about the problem but didn't tell you about it for a few days. He should have told you about it as soon as he found out, so you ...

English Lesson: I'll give you a ring next week to work out the details.

You've been making plans to meet a woman that you met on an online dating site. You've both agreed that next Wednesday is the best day, but you haven't chosen the exact time or location. You're writing an email to her to confirm the day. You write...

English Lesson: I could really use a cup of coffee.

You're sleepy because you only got a few hours of sleep the night before. You're at work and really want a cup of coffee. You say this because there's no coffee available in your office.

English Lesson: Let's all take a step back and remember that it's about what's best for the kids.

You're a teacher. You're having a meeting with some colleagues to decide how to spend some money that's in the school's budget. People are getting really angry and emotional as they debate how to use the money. You say this to calm everybody down.

English Lesson: That's really cool how you made it look like they're flying.

Your brother is editing a music video for his band. There is a scene in the video in which the band members look like they're flying. You like that scene a lot. You say this to praise your brother.

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