English Lessons

English Lesson: I know that I have some very big shoes to fill.

You're taking over as the coach of a high school soccer team. The previous coach was really popular. Now you're giving your first speech to the team, and you want them to know that you'll try hard to be a good coach.

English Lesson: In case of fire, use stairs unless otherwise instructed.

You're waiting for an elevator to leave a building. There's a sign on the wall that says this.

English Lesson: I only got four hours of sleep last night.

A coworker mentions that you look sleepy. You explain why by saying this.

English Lesson: That's weird. I could have sworn I put it here.

You're looking for the book that you're reading. You thought it was on the nightstand next to your bed, but it's not there. You think this to yourself.

English Lesson: That's why I always try to pay off my credit card bill every month.

You're talking with your friend about the problems he's having with his credit cards. He says that he's being charged a lot of extra money for interest. You never pay interest because you always pay the complete amount on your bill every month. Yo...

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