English Lessons

English Lesson: I'm trying to pack light.

You're going on a trip to a foreign country for a few weeks. You're packing for the trip while your roommate helps you. You don't want to pack a lot of clothes because you want to be able to travel easily. You say this to your roommate.

English Lesson: There are people who actually earn a good living as bloggers.

You just started a blog and are hoping to make some money. Your friend doesn't think anyone can maka a living this way. You tell him that he's not quite right about that.

English Lesson: Whatever happened to what's-his-name?

You're talking to your ex-wife. She mentions that she's dating someone new. She had a boyfriend before, and you thought that they were still together. You don't remember his name, so this is how you ask about him.

English Lesson: I've had this song stuck in my head for two days!

You heard a song two days ago, and since then you've been thinking about that song over and over again. You make this complaint to your friend.

English Lesson: The portion sizes are so much bigger in the U.S.!

You are eating lunch at a restaurant in the U.S. with a friend, and the restaurant brought you a huge plate of food. You are amazed at how much food American restaurants serve, so you say this.

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