English Lessons

English Lesson: That's... quite a bold fashion statement...

Your teenage son is wearing some wild-looking clothes. You can't understand why he would wear that outfit. You want to comment on it without being too negative.

English Lesson: Where's the next one being held?

You and a friend are talking about the recent Olympics. You don't know where the next Olympics is going to be, so you ask your friend.

English Lesson: I swear, I came this close to just slamming him right in his face!

You got in an argument with a stranger at a bar. You almost got into a fight with him. Now you're leaving the bar and talking about what happened with your friends. You express how angry you were.

English Lesson: She is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction.

You're introducing a guest speaker at a conference. You introduce her like this.

English Lesson: The jury found her 'not guilty'!

You're watching a news report about a famous murder trial. You and your roommate were talking about this case earlier today, and you both agreed that the woman who's on trial is a murderer. Now the news tells you that she has been freed. You shout...

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