English Lessons

English Lesson: Well, can’t we just create a different layout for every device? That would be the best from a design perspective.

You work at a company that builds applications for tablet computers. You and some of your employees are trying to figure out how to deal with all of the different sizes and shapes of tablets. You suggest designing separate versions for each one.

English Lesson: For me, doing some sort of physical activity always clears my head and gets my creative juices flowing.

You are a writer. You're talking to another writer about how you come up with ideas and stay focused.

English Lesson: Actually, now's not a good time.

At work, you're working hard to prepare for a presentation that you're giving in less than an hour. A co-worker comes by to chat about a problem that she's having with another co-worker. You don't have time to talk to her about this, so you say this.

English Lesson: You need to floss, preferably every day, but every other day at the bare minimum.

You work at a dentist's office. One of the patients has problems because he doesn't floss enough. You tell him how often he should do it.

English Lesson: It's a true story about an unsolved murder mystery.

You tell a friend that you like listening to podcasts. She asks what podcasts you listen to, so you tell her the name of one that you like. You're explaining what the podcast is about.

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