English Lessons

English Lesson: I wanted to talk about our upcoming product launch.

You work as a project manager. You're managing a new product that's going to be released soon. You want to share some information about it with your coworkers in a meeting. You start by saying this.

English Lesson: It's all warm and snuggly, isn't it?

You're getting your son ready for bed. You put him in bed under the blankets. You want him to feel comfortable and safe, so you say this.

English Lesson: I find it hard to relate to him sometimes.

One of your friends' friends (James) is into sports and likes to watch soccer really seriously. You don't have any interest in soccer and find it a little boring. You say this when talking about James with another mutual friend.

English Lesson: No, that one's dead.

You're a salesperson. You're reviewing your accounts with your manager. Your manager asks about one client who told you that they don't have enough money to spend this year. You tell her the status of this account.

English Lesson: I’m actually between jobs right now.

You run into an old friend from college in a supermarket. She asks about your job. You were laid off a few months ago and haven't gotten a new job. You explain your situation.

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