English Lessons

English Lesson: Essentially, what that means is that we'll have to replace the tiles as well as the pipes.

You have a problem with the plumbing in your bathroom. Today, a plumber came by to look at the problem and gave you the bad news that he'll have to knock some holes in the wall to fix it. You've explained the problem to your husband, and now you'r...

English Lesson: If someone wants to smoke in the privacy of their own home, hey, knock yourself out. But other people shouldn't have to breathe that in while they're trying to enjoy a meal.

You are not a smoker. You go to a restaurant that allows smoking, and the smell is very unpleasant. You complain to your friend that smoking shouldn't be allowed in restaurants.

English Lesson: He said to get him a salad or something.

You and your sister are ordering food from a restaurant to take home. You called your father and asked what he wanted. Now you tell your sister what he said.

English Lesson: Absolutely. Count me in!

Your friend wants to rent a house at the beach for a group of friends to stay at. He asks if you'd like to come. You say yes.

English Lesson: Oh, my gosh. Are you kidding? I'm ecstatic!

You're leaving next week to study abroad. A friend asks if you're excited about it. You're very, very excited so you answer enthusiastically.

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