English Lessons

English Lesson: We expect sales this quarter to be a little soft compared to last year, due to the overall economic environment.

You're giving a presentation at work about your company's financial estimates. Your group expects that the company won't make as much money as they did in the same period last year.

English Lesson: Don't tell me you've never ridden a roller coaster before!

You're planning a trip to an amusement park with some of your coworkers. You ask one coworker if she likes roller coasters, and she says she doesn't know. You realize that she's never been on one, and you're surprised.

English Lesson: Once you commit to it, there's no going back.

You were in the Army. You're talking about your military service with someone who's never been in the military. You say this to explaining that you can't quit the military until you finish your entire term of service.

English Lesson: Actually, I had a question about the previous slide. Could you go back to that?

You're watching a presentation in a meeting at work. The presenter showed some information on a slide, but quickly moved on to another slide. You want to see the earlier one again and ask a question about it.

English Lesson: This might sound sexist, but I do believe a woman should stay home and take care of the children.

You're in a discussion with some friends about women who are focused on their careers. You hold pretty traditional ideas about women working. You want to state your opinion, but you know that some of the people listening won't agree with it. You o...

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