English Lessons

English Lesson: You need to floss, preferably every day, but every other day at the bare minimum.

You work at a dentist's office. One of the patients has problems because he doesn't floss enough. You tell him how often he should do it.

English Lesson: It's a true story about an unsolved murder mystery.

You tell a friend that you like listening to podcasts. She asks what podcasts you listen to, so you tell her the name of one that you like. You're explaining what the podcast is about.

English Lesson: Back before social media became big, it was easy to lose touch with people.

You and your younger boyfriend are talking about old friendships. Your boyfriend thinks it's strange that you don't know much about any of your old friends from school. You explain that things were different when you were younger.

English Lesson: Like I said, you need to keep it bandaged until it's fully healed.

Your friend just got her first tattoo. You've had tattoos before, so you gave her some advice. Now you see that she's taken off the bandage, but it's too soon. You tell her to put it back on.

English Lesson: It stood motionless for a moment and then it leapt away.

You saw a deer in the woods when you were hiking. When you return from your hike, you tell your roommate about what happened when you saw it.

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