English Lessons

English Lesson: We have a connecting flight in 30 minutes and it looks like we won't be able to make it in time. Is there another flight that you can put us on?

You're traveling to another country. You had one flight which arrived at 1:00, and you were supposed to take another flight at 2:30. However, you've been waiting for your luggage for almost an hour and it hasn't come out yet. You don't think you'l...

English Lesson: If you keep plucking them, you'll end up with no eyebrows left.

Your girlfriend shapes her eyebrows by pulling out some of the hairs. You think she does it too much, because her eyebrows are really thin. You say this when you see her doing it.

English Lesson: Is that for here or to go?

You work at a fast food restaurant. A customer tells you what food he wants. You need to know whether to put the food in a bag, or on a tray. You ask this.

English Lesson: Is there anything going on between you two?

You're walking to lunch with a coworker who you're friends with. You pass by a woman who works with you. You say hello to each other but your friend and the woman act strangely. You wonder if they're secretly dating each other. You ask him about it.

English Lesson: We have a few more minutes, so I'd be happy to take some questions from the audience.

You're giving a talk at a conference. You've finished your presentation, and now you want the people in the audience to ask you questions.

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