English Lessons

English Lesson: The question isn't whether or not we love each other. It's whether we're ready to make a lifelong commitment at our age.

You and your girlfriend are young but you've been dating each other for 6 years. Your parents have started to pressure you to get married. Your mom asks whether you love your girlfriend, so you explain that you do love her but you don't want to ge...

English Lesson: Hey, can we go back to what you were saying about the deposit slips? I have a question.

You just got a job as a bank teller. You're being trained. A few minutes ago, the trainer talked about deposit slips. Now she's moved to a different topic, but you have another question about deposits. You ask to return to that topic.

English Lesson: Yeah, it can be really intimidating traveling in a foreign country where you don't know the language and the customs.

You're talking to someone who recently traveled to another country. She tells you that it was scary sometimes. You've felt this way before, so you agree.

English Lesson: Has anyone seen my cell phone? I think I left it lying around here somewhere.

Your family is sitting in the living room. You've been trying to find your cell phone. You ask them if they know where it is.

English Lesson: I was asked to give a commencement speech!

You are the top student in your class. You're going to graduate soon, and you were chosen to give a speech at the graduation ceremony. You tell your parents the good news.

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