English Lessons

English Lesson: I’m actually between jobs right now.

You run into an old friend from college in a supermarket. She asks about your job. You were laid off a few months ago and haven't gotten a new job. You explain your situation.

English Lesson: All residents within a 5-kilometer radius have been instructed to evacuate their homes.

You're watching a news broadcast that is talking about a volcano which has started to erupt. The announcer is now giving some more details about the volcano.

English Lesson: Fill in the company name, the name of your contact, their email address, and so on.

You're training a coworker in how to use an computer system that she needs for her job. You show her how to enter some information into a form.

English Lesson: Skim over it and let me know if you have any questions.

You're talking to a new client. You need him to sign a contract before you can work with him. You hand him the contract and you say this.

English Lesson: Eugenia reports to the Credit Manager.

There's an new employee in your department. You're introducing her to some of the people in your company. Now you're introducing someone who works for a person who she's already met.

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