English Lessons

English Lesson: See here? I patched up that spot where the drywall was starting to crack.

One of the walls in your house had a crack in it, but you fixed it this weekend. You told your wife that you fixed the wall, and now you say this as you show it to her.

English Lesson: It's imperative that you keep up with the reading.

You're a college professor. You're talking to a new class during the first week of school. You want to make sure that the students understand how important it is to do the reading assignments you give them, so you say this.

English Lesson: He claims to have been abducted by aliens.

You're chatting with a coworker about your uncle, who's a pretty strange guy. He's told you that aliens from outer space kidnapped him. You tell this to your coworker.

English Lesson: They can hold you indefinitely without a trial.

You've traveled to a certain country that has very strict laws. You're warning someone who's traveling there soon to be careful of the police there.

English Lesson: I didn't want to make her feel self-conscious.

Today your daughter made a really funny mistake on her science homework. You wanted to laugh about it, but you didn't want to upset her so you stopped yourself from laughing. Now you're telling your husband about it and you offer him this explanat...

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