English Lessons

English Lesson: There's fierce competition among photographers for clients.

You're a professional photographer. You're talking to someone who's not a photographer about your industry. You say this to describe how difficult the field of photography is.

English Lesson: I got in an accident and messed up your car.

You were driving your parents' car and crashed it. Now say this as you're telling your parents about it.

English Lesson: It's starting to come together.

You're building a new house. The construction started a few weeks ago. A friend asks about how it's going, so this is your answer.

English Lesson: I'm just auditing it, so it doesn't count toward my major.

You're a university student studying Business. You're taking one art class this semester just for fun. But you're only attending the class, not getting a grade for it. Another student in the class finds out that you're studying business, so she as...

English Lesson: Sure, I'll add him to the distribution list.

You're having a phone conference with several people at work. One of the managers says that one of her employees hasn't been getting any e-mails about a certain project. She asks you to make sure that he gets these e-mails. You say this in reply.

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