English Lessons

English Lesson: I feel like I'm stuck in a rut.

You feel a little bored and depressed with your life. You're complaining to your therapist about it. You say this.

English Lesson: What does the horsie say? Neigh, neigh!

Your son is looking at a book about farm animals. There's a picture of a horse. You want to quiz him, so you say this.

English Lesson: View latest statement

You're on your bank's website. You'd like to see a record of what happened last month. You click on this link.

English Lesson: Why don’t we go around the room and introduce ourselves, and say a few words about what you do here.

You're leading a training session for a small group of people at work. You'd like for all of the participants to know a little about each other, so ask them to give introductions at the beginning of the training.

English Lesson: As I started to pull on the top strap, the cheap plastic buckle snapped into 3 pieces.

You bought a backpack from an online store. Right after you got it, part of the backpack broke. Now you're writing a review of it on the store website and you explain your problem.

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