English Lessons

English Lesson: He told me that it would be a good investment, and I was gullible enough to believe him.

You gave some money to a guy as an investment, but it turned out to be a fraud. He took your money and didn't give it back. Now you're telling the police about what happened. You say:

English Lesson: Before we can install the new counter, we'll have to rip up all this old linoleum, and possibly replace some of the underlying floor.

You work in construction remodeling people's homes. A homeowner wants to remodel his kitchen. To do this, you need to replace a lot of stuff. You tell him what you will have to do.

English Lesson: No thanks, I've got to get going.

You're visiting a friend's house. She invites you to stay and eat dinner there, but you know that it would be more work for her if you stayed. You want to politely say "no".

English Lesson: Do you want to go to time out?

Your son isn't doing what you tell him to. You want to threaten to punish him. The punishment is sitting in a chair by himself with no toys for 5 minutes.

English Lesson: You seem to have a hairline fracture in one of the minor bones in your foot.

Your foot hurts after a sports accident, so you went to the hospital. The doctor has taken an X-ray, and now he's showing it to you and explaining what's wrong.

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