English Lessons

English Lesson: Yeah, but then it'll be blocking one of the outlets.

You're moving into a new apartment and trying to decide where to put your furniture. Your roommate suggests a location for the couch, but you don't think it's a good spot. You say this.

English Lesson: Sounds freaky.

Your friend tells you about a dream he had last night. It was really strange and frightening. This is your response.

English Lesson: Maybe a few of us can all chip in and get her something really nice for her baby shower.

One of your friends is pregnant and about to have her baby. There's going to be a party for her next week. You want to get her something expensive, so you'd like to get three or four friends to buy it for her together. You suggest this to one of y...

English Lesson: You're cutting it awfully close.

Your brother has been visiting you, and now he's about to fly back home. His flight is leaving in less than two hours, but he hasn't left your house yet. You're worried that he'll miss his flight, so you say this.

English Lesson: I guess it requires some assembly.

You bought an office chair online. You thought that it would be sent to you completely built, but instead you were just sent a bunch of parts that you have to put together. You say this to yourself.

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