English Lessons

English Lesson: Easier said than done.

You're not in very good shape. Your friend is giving you some advice. She says that you should exercise every day, but you're very busy so it's not easy to find time to exercise. You think in response to your friend's suggestion.

English Lesson: I bet the meeting this afternoon'll be pretty short since David's out.

You're chatting with a coworker during your lunch break. You have a department meeting scheduled for this afternoon, but you don't think it will last long.

English Lesson: What did you get?

Your teacher has graded your class's tests and is returning them to you. You want to know what grade your friend got on the test, so you ask this.

English Lesson: You constantly have to be learning just to keep pace with the latest developments.

You're a software programmer. You're talking to someone you've just met about your job, and explaining why it's difficult.

English Lesson: The bigger your down payment, the lower your monthly payments will be.

Your nephew is thinking about buying a car. He asks you for advice about getting a loan. You recommend he pay as much up-front as he can.

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