English Lessons

English Lesson: You and Lisa really seemed to hit it off.

Two of your friends who are single came to a party you had a few days ago. You saw them talking to each other for a long time, and they seemed to like each other. Now you want to ask one of them what he thinks of the other person.

English Lesson: Here's an estimate of the cost. Keep in mind, it's just a ballpark.

You're a construction contractor. A couple has asked for an estimate of how much it will cost to renovate their kitchen. You've looked at the room and figured out approximately how much it will cost. You say this while showing them the cost.

English Lesson: You think you can just go around spending money left and right?

Your girlfriend isn't very careful with money. She just bought some clothes online, but you don't think that you can afford them. You yell at her about it.

English Lesson: As I was riding the train home, I realized that I'd left my keys in the closet at work.

You're telling a story about a time when you got locked out of your house. You've described the basic situation, and now you want to describe the interesting event that happened.

English Lesson: I'll shoot her an e-mail and find out where we stand.

You've hired someone to create a new design for a website you run. Now you're talking with your business partner, who mentions that the designer hasn't sent any updates in a few days. You offer to deal with it.

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