English Lessons

English Lesson: I got in an accident and messed up your car.

You were driving your parents' car and crashed it. Now say this as you're telling your parents about it.

English Lesson: It's starting to come together.

You're building a new house. The construction started a few weeks ago. A friend asks about how it's going, so this is your answer.

English Lesson: I'm just auditing it, so it doesn't count toward my major.

You're a university student studying Business. You're taking one art class this semester just for fun. But you're only attending the class, not getting a grade for it. Another student in the class finds out that you're studying business, so she as...

English Lesson: Sure, I'll add him to the distribution list.

You're having a phone conference with several people at work. One of the managers says that one of her employees hasn't been getting any e-mails about a certain project. She asks you to make sure that he gets these e-mails. You say this in reply.

English Lesson: I hope he's able to fit in at his new school.

Your son is starting at a new school next week. He's nervous because he doesn't know anyone who goes to this school, and he's not sure whether he'll be able to make friends there. You're concerned for him too. You say this to your husband.

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