English Lessons

English Lesson: Did you print out a copy of the itinerary?

You're going to to Europe with your best friend. You're waiting for your first flight at the airport, and thinking about your plans. You ask her if she printed out your travel plans.

English Lesson: I know that you've all really busted your asses on this project, and I really appreciate it.

You're a manager at your company. Your team just finished a big project. You take them out to lunch to thank them. When the drinks arrive, you make a toast to their hard work.

English Lesson: Every time I ask her to help out, she gets all angry and defensive!

You're complaining to your friend about one of your room mates. She rarely cleans anything. Your friend suggests talking to her about it. You tell him what usually happens when you do that.

English Lesson: I've got to get a new laptop. Mine is absolutely ancient.

You're at a cafe with a friend, working on your laptop. You're getting frustrated because your computer is so slow. You mention to your friend that you need to get a new one.

English Lesson: Don't be wasteful. Let's donate them.

You and your husband have some old clothes and children's toys that you don't need any more. Your husband suggests throwing them away. You don't like that idea because it's bad for the environment and because you think that someone else might stil...

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