English Lessons

English Lesson: Stop obsessing over it and just post it already!

Your boyfriend is going to post a photo from his birthday party. He's taking a long time to choose the photo and write a message. You want him to relax.

English Lesson: No one's going to come knocking on your door. You've got to take the initiative.

Your teenage son doesn't have a job. He seems depressed about it, but he hasn't been looking for a job very actively. You give him this advice.

English Lesson: He proudly served on the New York police force for over 30 years.

Your father just passed away. He was a retired police officer in New York. You're giving a speech about him so you talk about his job.

English Lesson: Strangely enough, I just bought a bike. You're welcome to have my old one.

You're chatting with a neighbor. He says that he crashed his bicycle. You just bought a new bicycle, so you're not using your old one. You offer to give your neighbor your old bike.

English Lesson: Careful with that; it's fragile.

You're moving to a new house. You notice that one of the movers isn't being careful with one of your boxes, which contains glasses and dishes.

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