English Lessons

English Lesson: She was really sharp.

You're interviewing for new employees at the store you manage. You're reviewing the list of applicants with a coworker. You comment on the next person on the list, who seemed smart.

English Lesson: When she said that, it kind of threw me off.

When you were talking with your friend, she said that she was having relationship problems with her boyfriend. You thought that they got along really well, so you were surprised to hear that. Now you're telling your girlfriend about that conversat...

English Lesson: Come on over if you're not doing anything this afternoon. We'll crack open a bottle of wine, throw on a few steaks...

It's the weekend. A friend calls to ask you about something. After answering his question, you want to invite him and his family to come over to your house for dinner.

English Lesson: What made you decide to go into accounting?

You're at a dinner party at your friend's house. You're talking with someone who you just met earlier tonight. You remember that he's an accountant, so you ask this to start a conversation with him.

English Lesson: I’m in corporate sales.

You're at a playground with your children. One of the other parents starts a conversation with you. He asks what you do. You don't want to give him a lot of specifics, so you tell him the general field you work in.

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