English Lessons

English Lesson: Transfer to the 'R' at 42nd Street.

Your mother is visiting you from out of town. She wants to go to a museum while you're at work. You give her these directions to get there.

English Lesson: A report I read said that genetically engineered crops don't pose any additional risks either to us or the environment.

You and a friend are having a discussion about food. Your friend says that it should be illegal to sell food from plants whose genes have been altered. You're not so sure about that. You tell your friend about something you read.

English Lesson: I thought it would be a good idea to pull together a contact list for the group, which I've attached.

You're working on a long-term project for your company that involves people from several different departments. You put together a list of names and phone numbers for all of the people working on the project. You email this to everyone in the group.

English Lesson: We need to get this resolved as soon as possible.

There's a bug in your company's website. You send an email to the web development team and tell them about the problem. You add that it's very urgent.

English Lesson: Don't just go in and hit them over the head with a pre-rehearsed pitch.

You're a sales trainer. You're teaching a course to a company's sales staff. You're explaining that customers don't like it when salespeople speak a lot without listening.

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