English Lessons

English Lesson: I'll shoot her an e-mail and find out where we stand.

You've hired someone to create a new design for a website you run. Now you're talking with your business partner, who mentions that the designer hasn't sent any updates in a few days. You offer to deal with it.

English Lesson: If someone is mean to you, don't hit them. Just tell the teacher.

Your young son got in trouble at school because he hit another child. He explains that the other child was being mean to him. You teach him how to handle that situation.

English Lesson: I was wondering, is there any way that we could move these meetings up earlier in the morning?

You have a meeting each morning at work. The meeting happens in the middle of the morning. It's not a good time because it interrupts your work. You ask your boss about changing the meeting time.

English Lesson: It's obvious that the company isn't doing well.

Your company's sales seem to be down. You're talking with a coworker. You mention the company's position.

English Lesson: Make sure they're cooked all the way through.

Your husband cooked pork chops for dinner. You're worried that they might not be cooked enough, so you tell him this.

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