English Lessons

English Lesson: Please note that I will be out of the office starting Friday, December 7, through Tuesday, December 11.

You're taking a few days off of work. It's the end of the day, and you're setting your email auto-responder message. You write this.

English Lesson: It's important to eat your veggies so you can grow up to be big and strong.

Your son sometimes doesn't eat vegetables. You want him to eat them because they're healthy. You're trying to feed him some broccoli, and you're convincing him to eat it.

English Lesson: What do you guys think about the idea of having our team building here in the office?

You're planning a party for your department at work. The budget for this party isn't very high, so you want to make a low-cost suggestion. You email your suggestion to some coworkers who are helping you plan it.

English Lesson: Are you interested in going back to school?

Your friend is depressed and can't decide what to do with his career. You ask him how he feels about using education to boost his career.

English Lesson: Most of the various online invoice services come with an assortment of professional-looking templates.

You run your own freelance photography business. One of your cousins is trying to start doing the same. He asks your advice for creating invoices for his clients. This is your advice for making the invoices look nice.

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