English Lessons

English Lesson: OK, but let’s think of some other options.

You're discussing how to solve a problem with some coworkers. You've been debating one solution with a coworker for a few minutes. You'd like to stop talking about this solution and think of some other ideas instead. You say this to move the conve...

English Lesson: I feel pretty good about my performance overall.

You're being evaluated by your boss at work. She asks you whether you think you're doing a good job. You say that you are.

English Lesson: Oh yeah? What kind of sales?

You're at a park with your children. While they're playing, you're talking with one of the other parents. He says that he's in sales. You're interested, so you ask for more details.

English Lesson: I think I would be an ideal fit for your organization.

You're looking for a new job. You're writing a cover letter to send along with your resume. You want to tell the reader that you are a good choice for the job.

English Lesson: You already have three computers, only one of which you actually use.

Your wife wants to buy a new computer. She already has a lot of them, so you don't think she should buy another one. You tell her why you disapprove.

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