English Lessons

English Lesson: Before you know it, you'll be finished with school and ready to find a job.

You're talking to your nephew at a family party. He's starting his third year of university. You comment on how fast time passes.

English Lesson: By the way, how much did you leave him?

Your friend took you out for dinner, but the service was terrible. You're talking about it on the way home, and you ask him how much he tipped the waiter.

English Lesson: Don't you hate how he's always interrupting people?

Your friend has a new boyfriend, but you're not sure that you like him. Talking with another friend, you ask her if she's noticed one of his annoying habits.

English Lesson: Don't you think she has your, kind of, pointy ears?

Your friend just had a baby. You're visiting her at home and admiring the baby. You point out that the baby's ears look exactly like hers.

English Lesson: He has a kind of solid build, right?

You're talking with your mother about your second cousin, who you haven't seen for many years. You think you remember him being broad-shouldered, muscular, and maybe a tiny bit overweight. You check with your mother to see if your memory is correct.

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