English Lessons

English Lesson: I say we give it a try.

You and your boyfriend are deciding what restaurant to eat at tonight. You're considering a restaurant that you've never been to before. You're not sure if it will be good, but you'd like to try it.

English Lesson: Ah, I see.

You're being trained in how to use a computer program at work. You asked your coworker a question about the program. He answered, and now you understand. You respond to show that you get it now.

English Lesson: If you take a step back and think about it, college is just a brief period in a person's life.

You are a university student. You and a friend are going to graduate soon. It feels like you've been in school for a long time, but now you've started to realize how quickly the time passed. You share this thought with your friend.

English Lesson: Let me ask you this: is there anything that we can do to convince you to move ahead with this today?

You're trying to get clients for your small company. You're in a meeting with someone who's said that they might hire you, but they're not ready to make a final decision. You try to get this person to make a decision.

English Lesson: Absolutely. The war on drugs is a waste of our tax dollars, plain and simple.

You're having a political discussion with a group of friends. Someone complains about the government spending too much money to stop illegal drugs. You strongly agree, so you say this.

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