English Lessons

English Lesson: A C? Uh-uh, that's not gonna cut it.

Your daughter shows you her report card from school. She got a pretty bad grade in her math class. You get mad at her and say this.

English Lesson: Kids who learn martial arts gain not only strength and the ability to defend themselves, but confidence as well.

You're a martial arts instructor. You're having a conversation with some parents who come to tour your school. You explain why they should enroll their kids in your class.

English Lesson: I actually wrote a paper on this in college.

You're watching a documentary on TV about a war in ancient Rome. You remember studying this and writing about it when you were a student. You tell your girlfriend about it.

English Lesson: We're trying to come to a consensus on where to go for drinks.

It's Friday evening, and you arrive at your friend's apartment. You have plans to go out. Your friend explains that the group is discussing what bar to go to.

English Lesson: Can I finish it?

Your boyfriend offers you some of his drink. It's more than half gone, and you'd like to drink the rest.

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