English Lessons

English Lesson: My my! Don't you look dapper?

Your brother is getting ready to go out on a date. When he comes out of his room, he's dressed nicely. You say this to him.

English Lesson: It had a huge impact on, not just television, but the entire entertainment industry.

You're watching an interview with the producer of a very popular television show that's been on the air for many years. The interviewer says this about the show.

English Lesson: The sun is many times larger than all of the planets in the solar system put together.

You're a teacher in an elementary school. You're teaching your class about the planets and the sun. You explain the size of the sun.

English Lesson: Just thinking about how enormous it all is... it blows my mind!

You and a friend get into a conversation about outer space. You start to talk about the size of the universe and how many stars are in it, and you feel amazed by it. You comment on your feeling.

English Lesson: On the other hand, it is in a really good school district.

You and your husband are looking for a house to buy. You just saw a house that's for sale and you're discussing it. Your husband complained that it was a little small, but you point out something good about the house.

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