English Lessons

English Lesson: Dave is in charge of the entire East Coast sales team.

There's a new employee in your department. You're introducing her to some of the people in your company. This is one of your introductions.

English Lesson: It's kind of a customer service job.

You're at a party. Another guest at the party asks what you do. You tell her your job title, but she doesn't seem to understand. You explain your job more simply.

English Lesson: Would you know how to change the tire if you got a flat?

Your teenage niece just got her first car. You wonder if she's ready to handle any emergencies that may happen. You ask her about changing a tire.

English Lesson: Meyerson suffered a major knee injury last year that took him out of the game for most of the season.

You're about to watch a basketball game on TV. It's the first game this year for the teams that are playing. There's a show before the game where the sports announcers discuss the game. They're talking about one of the players who got hurt last ye...

English Lesson: All right, how about this: I'll pick Oliver up and take him to practice, and you can go with Emily to the dentist.

You're talking with your wife, trying to manage your kids' schedules. You suggest a plan for tomorrow.

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