English Lessons

English Lesson: As you're all aware, we've been forced to make significant cutbacks.

Your company recently laid off 15% of the employees. You're running a meeting with your staff to talk about how to deal with the layoffs. After starting the meeting, you begin by saying this.

English Lesson: They're more energy efficient than conventional bulbs because they generate a lot less heat.

You use fluorescent light bulbs in your house to save electricity, You're explaining why you use them to acquaintance who says he doesn't know why people use them.

English Lesson: There seems to be a bit of a lag.

You're having a video chat on your computer with a friend in another country. When you ask her a question, it takes her a few seconds to answer. You think that's because the message isn't reaching her immediately. You make this assessment of the s...

English Lesson: It's a quiet little suburban community about 30 minutes outside the city.

You're on a first date with a guy. You're talking about yourselves. You tell him the name of the town that you're from like this.

English Lesson: I want to try to shed a few pounds and get back in shape.

You and a friend are discussing your New Year's resolutions with each other, a few days after New Year's Day. You've gained weight in the past few years, so you want to lose weight this year. You make this declaration to your friend.

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