English Lessons

English Lesson: I got it on a whim one day a few years ago.

You have a tattoo on your arm. You didn't think very carefully about it when you got it. You're on a date, and your date asks about your tattoo.

English Lesson: We're constantly inundated with advertisements in our society.

You're involved in an intellectual discussion about society. You think that having too many advertisements is harmful.

English Lesson: I used to be able to run five miles without breaking a sweat. Now I get winded after the first five minutes.

When you were younger, you were in good shape. Now you don't exercise much, so you're out of shape. You're talking to a friend about how hard it is for you to exercise now.

English Lesson: Everybody seems to be critical of the President these days, but I still believe in him.

You're commenting on a news story about the President of your country. A lot of the other commenters are saying bad things about the President, but you still like him and think that he can accomplish good things. You write this.

English Lesson: Interesting. I've never encountered that phrase before.

You're talking with an English-speaking colleague and she uses a phrase that you've never heard before. You ask her to explain what it means. After she explains it, you say this.

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