English Lessons

English Lesson: Don't just go in and hit them over the head with a pre-rehearsed pitch.

You're a sales trainer. You're teaching a course to a company's sales staff. You're explaining that customers don't like it when salespeople speak a lot without listening.

English Lesson: I came this close to packing up and moving out to Hollywood to pursue an acting career.

You wanted to be an actress when you were younger. Now, its many years later. You're telling your niece the story of why you stopped acting. In part of the story, you say this.

English Lesson: How did the two of you end up collaborating with each other?

You write a blog about fashion. You're interviewing a designer who partnered with a famous artist to release a new clothing line. You ask about how they decided to work together.

English Lesson: Penguins are remarkably well adapted to their icy environment, thanks to millions of years of evolution.

You're reading a web page about penguins written by someone who's really interested in them. The page has this scientific observation.

English Lesson: No job is worth ruining your health over.

Your sister has a great, high-paying job but she's always stressed out. Now she's having health problems but she doesn't want to take time off of work to rest. You say this to convince her to rest.

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