English Lessons

English Lesson: When did you first start to feel like, "Yeah, I made it?"

You're watching a TV talk show. The host is interviewing a successful movie director. He asks the director about when he started to be successful.

English Lesson: To strike out on your own at that age, that takes guts.

You have a coworker who's quitting his job so that he can start his own company. He's a little older, so it's surprising to you. You comment on how brave this person is to another coworker.

English Lesson: I was like, "What?!" and Scott was like, "Yeah, right."

You had a conversation yesterday with two of your friends. In that conversation, you heard something really surprising. You were shocked, but your other friend didn't believe it. Now you're telling your girlfriend about that conversation.

English Lesson: All right, so much for that one.

You're on a dating site. You've been writing text messages with a girl who you matched with, but after a few messages she stopped writing you back. Now you're removing her from your list.

English Lesson: Oh, it was a no-brainer. I accepted right there on the spot.

You recently were offered an opportunity to transfer to an office in another country. You're telling a friend about the offer. She asks if the decision was easy or difficult for you, so you tell her how easy it was.

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