English Lessons

English Lesson: Was it obvious that I wanted to leave?

You're in the car with a friend after a party. You didn't really enjoy the party. You ask your friend if she could see that you weren't having fun.

English Lesson: I bet you five bucks that you can't name all of the states in the United States without looking them up.

You're babysitting your nine-year-old neighbor. You know kids like to compete, so you give him a fun educational challenge.

English Lesson: I'm so glad to finally meet you! I've heard so much about you!

You're at your friend's birthday party. You've never met his girlfriend, even though they've been together over a year. You tell her how glad you are to finally meet.

English Lesson: It's very dry.

Your brother tells jokes without laughing, so you can never tell whether he's joking. You're talking about him with your daughter, and she says, "He has a weird sense of humor." You agree, and add this to describe his sense of humor more specifica...

English Lesson: At the tone, please leave your name and a detailed message.

You call your dentist's office on a Saturday, but they're closed. You listen to this voicemail greeting before you leave a message.

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