English Lessons

English Lesson: Hey man, you're preaching to the choir.

You're having lunch with a friend. He's complaining about how the government hasn't done enough to prevent global warming. He's expressing his opinions really strongly, like he's trying to convince you, but you already agree with his opinions.

English Lesson: Always secure your own mask before assisting others.

You're on an airplane that's about to take off. There's a video explaining what to do in different emergency situations. The video is showing how to use an oxygen mask. The speaker on the video says this.

English Lesson: I ran into someone I haven't seen in years.

Earlier in the day, you saw someone that you used to know but haven't seen for several years & were surprised. You say this when you tell your sister about it later.

English Lesson: I need to work on my posture.

Your back hurts. You usually sit a little hunched over, with your shoulders forward and your back bent. You don't think that's healthy, so you think this to yourself.

English Lesson: We'll pass that along as soon as we have it.

A client asks you for some research information about the results of your company's product. You don't have the research, but you will send it to your client when you get it. You tell them this.

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