English Lessons

English Lesson: What would you say is your greatest strength, and what's your greatest weakness?

You're interviewing a candidate for a job. You want to know what he is good at and what problems he might cause if you hire him. You ask this.

English Lesson: What an ego-maniac!

You're visiting the office of one of your clients. He has a huge photo of himself on the wall which he seems really proud of. You think this to yourself.

English Lesson: You'd think that someone who's been in the military would be more disciplined.

Your boss used to be in the army, but now he's fat and lazy. You're gossiping about him with a co-worker. You say this.

English Lesson: You hangin' in there?

You work as a waiter. There's a new waiter at the restaurant. Today's a really busy day, so you want to make sure that she's OK. You ask this.

English Lesson: Honestly, I feel more relieved than anything.

You just got your Ph.D. A friend asks you if you're proud of yourself. You feel kind of accomplished. But your strongest feeling is happiness that you can stop researching and writing papers for a while. You say this.

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