English Lessons

English Lesson: Obviously, I'm not exactly at peak physical condition myself, so who am I to talk?

You and a friend were talking about a celebrity who recently gained weight and doesn't look healthy. You're also a little overweight, so you admit that you shouldn't criticize this person.

English Lesson: Is it just me, or are these seats even more cramped than normal?

You've just boarded an airplane. Your seat seems even smaller than most airplane seats. You complain to the person who's sitting next to you.

English Lesson: It's nice not to have to switch back and forth between different tabs and windows.

You use two computer screens. A coworker asks why, so you explain that you like to be able to see a lot of stuff at once.

English Lesson: See if you can jump over that pit and grab the ledge.

You're watching while your friend plays a video game. You have an idea about where your friend might find a hidden key, so you make a suggestion.

English Lesson: You hear about how nice it is there, and I thought, "Yeah, OK." But it totally lives up to the hype.

You went to Hawaii for the first time on vacation. Now you're back at work and you're telling a coworker about your trip. You explain how much you enjoyed it.

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