English Lessons

English Lesson: You make me sick.

You recently found out that your ex-husband cheated on you with your children's nanny. You are very angry and you think he's a very bad person. You write a text message to tell him how much you dislike him.

English Lesson: My contact at Microcorp says that they're on board.

You're helping to plan a conference. Your job is to find sponsors. You've heard that another company has agreed to sponsor the conference, so you say this to one of the other conference planners.

English Lesson: Setting goals is one thing; achieving them is another.

A friend has been reading a book about setting goals. She tells you about some of the advice that she read in the book. You don't think the advice is very useful.

English Lesson: Back in the day, your old man was the epitome of cool.

You're talking with your friend's teenage children. They think of your friend as old and silly, but you remember when he was really cool. You tell them about that time.

English Lesson: Oh yeah, they've been on the decline for quite a while.

You and a friend are having a discussion. Your friend says that a lot of newspapers have gone out of business. You agree and add some detail to his point.

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