English Lessons

English Lesson: I feel obligated to give at least three weeks' notice at my current job.

You're on a job interview, and the interviewer offers you the job! However, he wants you to start immediately. You don't think that's possible because you haven't quit your job yet, so you say this.

English Lesson: Are tomatoes still in season?

You're planning a family dinner with your brother. You have to find a salad recipe to make for everyone. You see a great recipe for tomato salad, but you aren't sure if you can find good tomatoes right now.

English Lesson: My photo collection is scattered across three or four different computers.

You're telling your friend about an amazing trip you went on seven years ago. He asks if you have pictures, but you explain that you're not sure exactly where they are.

English Lesson: Where did you get that from?

Your son uses a new word that you've never heard him say before. It's not a common word, so you're surprised and you want to know where he learned it.

English Lesson: You look like you got some sun.

Your friend just got back from a long hike. Her skin looks noticeably red. You tell her she might be a little bit burned.

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