English Lessons

English Lesson: There's no way.

Your close friend invited you to go out to a dance club. You say this to her because you definitely don't want to go.

English Lesson: I don't want to make a big deal out of it.

You ordered a medium rare steak at a restaurant, but when it came the steak was overcooked. Your friend says that you should complain to the waiter. You say this because you don't like to confront people directly.

English Lesson: Say "bye bye" to grandma and grandpa.

You visited your wife's parents. You're leaving now. You want your son to say "goodbye" to his grandparents.

English Lesson: I don't see that happening any time soon.

Your friend is writing a message on her mobile phone. It takes a long time for her to write it and there are a lot of spelling mistakes. She says that she wants a mobile phone that she can just speak into and it will type the message perfectly. Yo...

English Lesson: Yeah, it's a huge environmental disaster.

You're talking with a coworker about a large oil spill. She is talking about how big of a problem it is. You agree, so you say this.

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