English Lessons

English Lesson: I’m conscientious, detail-oriented, and a hard worker.

You're applying for an internship. You're writing a cover letter to send with your application. You list some of your best qualities.

English Lesson: Before we get started, I wanted to remind everyone that your time sheets are due to Amy by the end of this week.

You're in charge of a meeting at work. There's one announcement that you need to make at the beginning. You remind everyone about something that they're supposed to do.

English Lesson: My heartfelt thanks to our great #SalesConf speakers and attendees!

You organized a professional conference. The conference has finished now, so you write a message on Twitter to thank the speakers and the people who came to the conference.

English Lesson: You just need a good night's sleep.

Your roommate had a really bad day and she's upset. You think that she should go to sleep, and she'll feel better tomorrow. You give her this advice.

English Lesson: He has his father's stubbornness.

Your son bought a motorcycle, even though you and the rest of your family told him not to. You complain about him to his girlfriend.

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