English Lessons

English Lesson: Oh, it was a no-brainer. I accepted right there on the spot.

You recently were offered an opportunity to transfer to an office in another country. You're telling a friend about the offer. She asks if the decision was easy or difficult for you, so you tell her how easy it was.

English Lesson: I knew you'd give me a hard time about it!

You just told your friend that you've started golfing recently. You're not the type of person that would usually enjoy golfing, so your friend started to laugh at you. Now you wish you hadn't told him about it. You say this to him in embarrassment.

English Lesson: I might be 90 years old, but I'm still young at heart!

You're talking to an elderly neighbor. She says that she is 90 years old, but she jokes that she still has a lot of energy.

English Lesson: Some people say that The Bible doesn't apply to modern life. Well, I couldn't disagree more. 

You're a Christian. You believe that people should follow the teachings of the Bible more, but you know that this is not a very popular opinion. You share your opinion with a friend.

English Lesson: A find like this isn't going to stay on the market for long.

You're a real estate agent. You're showing a really nice house to a young couple. They seem to like it, so you encourage them to act soon to buy it.

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