English Lessons

English Lesson: I'm just gonna kick back with a cold drink and watch the game. You?

It's Friday afternoon at work. A coworker asks what you're planning on doing this weekend. You're just going to watch sports at home, so this is your answer.

English Lesson: Don't make me pull this car over!

You're driving somewhere with your son riding in the back seat. He's misbehaving, and you want him to stop. You threaten to punish him like this.

English Lesson: Watch out! Your fingers are going to get caught in the door.

Your young child is playing with the door, opening and closing it. You're worried that he's going to hurt his fingers. You tell this to him.

English Lesson: We made a down payment on a house today!

You're buying a house. Today you paid part of the money for the house. You'll pay the rest with a loan from a bank. You're excited, so you write a message to your friends on Facebook about it. The message says this.

English Lesson: The extent of the damage is just... it's unprecedented.

There's been a major hurricane in your region. It was the worst storm that you've ever had there. A newscaster is talking about the storm and says this.

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