English Lessons

English Lesson: Yeah, it's a huge environmental disaster.

You're talking with a coworker about a large oil spill. She is talking about how big of a problem it is. You agree, so you say this.

English Lesson: You can't count on someone always being there to support you.

You're arguing with your girlfriend, who doesn't have a career plan or a good job. She just gets money from her parents. You think she should work hard on her career so that she will be able to support herself. You offer her this piece of wisdom.

English Lesson: I work in the production department at the newspaper company Bravo Inc. in New York.

You're at a party at a professional conference. A stranger introduces himself and asks what you do. You tell him where you work.

English Lesson: Oh, my bad. Didn't realize you were saving it.

You're at a party. You saw an empty plastic cup sitting on a table, so you threw it away. Now someone's looking for the cup, so you apologize.

English Lesson: Wow, good catch.

You're checking a PowerPoint presentation that your boss is going to give tomorrow to the entire company. You notice a mistake on one of the pages and you point it out. Your boss is surprised that there was a mistake and happy that you told him ab...

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