English Lessons

English Lesson: If I had to pick something, I'd say that I could probably be a little more vocal in meetings and group decisions.

You're being evaluated by your boss at work. She asks you whether you think you have any weak areas. You don't really think so, but you think of something to criticize anyway. You say that you should speak up more.

English Lesson: Yes, I was wondering if you take Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield?

You recently moved to a new town and you're looking for a new doctor. You call a doctor's office to find out if you can use your insurance plan there. You ask the receptionist this.

English Lesson: The gap between the haves and the have-nots just keeps getting wider and wider.

You're discussing politics and economics with a friend. You share your opinion that poor people are getting poorer while rich people are getting richer across the world.

English Lesson: Did he mention where he was going?

You need to talk to your boss about urgent business. You call but his assistant answers the phone and says that he's been gone for most of the afternoon. You want to know where he is so that you can decide if you should call his mobile phone. If h...

English Lesson: I do agree with him on defense, though.

You're discussing politics with someone you know at your local gym. She asks you what you think of the prime minister. You tell her that you don't like many of his policies. But you say this because you do think one of his ideas is good.

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