English Lessons

English Lesson: I can assist you with that.

You work at a clothing store. A customer looks like he's ready to check out. You want to offer to help him, so you say this.

English Lesson: Employment in the region is relatively stable because the majority of jobs are in government and health care.

You work for a company that owns stores across the country. You're making a presentation about where the company should build its next branch. You give one reason why the city that you picked is the best choice.

English Lesson: Don't try to twist my words around.

You're in an argument with your boyfriend. Recently you said that it wasn't a good idea to visit his parents now because you both needed to save some money. Now your boyfriend says that you think money is more important than family. That's not wha...

English Lesson: I try to come in early to beat the rush hour traffic.

You always get to work early compared to your coworkers. One of your coworkers comes in early one day and notices that you're already there. She asks you if you're always early to work. You say yes and this is how you explain why.

English Lesson: Well, can’t we just create a different layout for every device? That would be the best from a design perspective.

You work at a company that builds applications for tablet computers. You and some of your employees are trying to figure out how to deal with all of the different sizes and shapes of tablets. You suggest designing separate versions for each one.

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