English Lessons

English Lesson: At the tone, please leave your name and a detailed message.

You call your dentist's office on a Saturday, but they're closed. You listen to this voicemail greeting before you leave a message.

English Lesson: It's beneficial not only, you know, from an environmental standpoint, but also in terms of reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

You think that it's important for your country to develop "green" energy sources like solar power and wind power. You have a few different reasons for thinking so. You're discussing this issue with a friend at dinner.

English Lesson: Oh, good thinking. That would be great.

You're making plans with a friend to go to the park this weekend. She offers to bring some sandwiches. You tell her you think that's a great idea.

English Lesson: With all this down time, I don't know what to do with myself!

You're on vacation, but you're not really sure what you want to do. You're usually so busy, so you don't remember how to relax and enjoy vacation time. You say this to your husband.

English Lesson: I just googled "new york florist" and that was the first shop that came up, so I called them.

You're showing your friend some pictures from your wedding. She compliments the flowers and asks about the florist you chose. You explain how you found them.

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