English Lessons

English Lesson: He's got a lot going for him.

You're talking with your mom about your brother's job interview yesterday. You point out that he has excellent qualifications, a good personality, and many other attributes that should help him get the position.

English Lesson: Why don't you go outside and play for a little while, OK?

Your son has been inside all day. The weather outside is nice, so you think he should go outside. You suggest it to him.

English Lesson: It's you who should be worried, my friend.

You and a friend are about to play basketball against each other. Your friend asks if you're worried that you're going to lose. You want to tease your friend, so you threaten him.

English Lesson: What do you do for a living?

You're talking to a woman at a party who you've never met before. You want to know more about her. You ask this to find out what her job is.

English Lesson: Look at the size of those teeth! Man, I wouldn't want to come across one of those out in the wild.

You're watching a documentary about tigers. There's a shot of a tiger that looks really scary. You imagine how dangerous it would be to be close to a tiger like that. You comment on it to your nephew, who's watching the show with you.

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