English Lessons

English Lesson: Excuse me, we're taking up donations for the Haiti Relief Fund. Do you have a moment?

You're volunteering for a charity that helps victims of the earthquake in Haiti. You're asking for donations on the sidewalk in a busy part of town. You ask this to each person who walks by.

English Lesson: The truth always comes out, one way or another.

Your friend quit her job recently but hasn't told her parents. You think that she should stop lying to her parents, so you tell her this.

English Lesson: Oh well, it'll come back to me in a few minutes.

You read a work email earlier today about a new potential client. Now you're talking with a coworker and trying to tell her about the e-mail. She asks you the name of the client, but you can't remember what company it was. You try hard to remember...

English Lesson: OK, who wants pancakes?

You're going to make breakfast for your family on the weekend. You're trying to decide what to make, so you ask your family this.

English Lesson: Whoa, whoa, watch it. It's gonna tip over!

You're fishing in a canoe with a friend. Your friend has hooked a big fish, and he's pulling it in excitedly. It's making the boat unstable, so you warn him not to move so much.

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