English Lessons

English Lesson: There was a period when I was in school when I literally did not turn on the stove for like two years.

You cooked dinner for some friends. One of them asks if you've always been a good cook. You tell them a story to show that you weren't always interested in cooking.

English Lesson: I looked over your books, and I jotted down a few questions that I wanted to ask you.

You're an independent accountant. One of your clients came to your office for a meeting. You tell the client that you want to ask some questions about the documents that she sent you last week.

English Lesson: When you go in his office, there are books scattered all around.

You've visited the office of one of your college professors. You say this, describing what his office is like to another student who's never been in there.

English Lesson: I just thought I'd check in on you and see how you're doing.

Your wife's aunt is in the hospital. You stop by the hospital after work to see her. You say this to explain why you came.

English Lesson: They have a screened-in porch in back.

You visited your boss's house, which was nice. Now you're describing the house to your boyfriend. You tell him about an outdoor area that's protected from bugs.

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