English Lessons

English Lesson: Yeah, it can be really intimidating traveling in a foreign country where you don't know the language and the customs.

You're talking to someone who recently traveled to another country. She tells you that it was scary sometimes. You've felt this way before, so you agree.

English Lesson: Has anyone seen my cell phone? I think I left it lying around here somewhere.

Your family is sitting in the living room. You've been trying to find your cell phone. You ask them if they know where it is.

English Lesson: I was asked to give a commencement speech!

You are the top student in your class. You're going to graduate soon, and you were chosen to give a speech at the graduation ceremony. You tell your parents the good news.

English Lesson: Vineeta, did you have anything you wanted to talk about?

You're leading a meeting at work. It's almost the end of the meeting. You're checking to make sure that everything has been discussed. You ask one of your coworkers if she has any topics to discuss.

English Lesson: If you get questions that should be fielded by Ops, this will help you determine which Ops staffer is responsible for which sales division.

You've created a chart which shows the responsibilities of each person in your department at work. You're sending in in an email to everyone in your division. You write this to explain how the chart is useful.

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