English Lessons

English Lesson: Something smells good! My mouth is watering already.

Your friend is cooking dinner for you. He's starting to cook. The food smells really good, so you say something about it.

English Lesson: We get most major national holidays, two weeks of paid vacation, and I think four sick days.

You're helping to train a new employee at work. He asks about the company's policy on vacation days, so you explain it to him.

English Lesson: It's falling on a Thursday this year.

You're planning what to do for your Christmas holidays this year. You look at a calendar to see what day Christmas is and tell your girlfriend.

English Lesson: One day I want to buy a little farm in the country and grow vegetables and raise chickens.

You and your boyfriend are having fun imagining what you will do when you retire. You say this about your dream plans.

English Lesson: Man! You're on fire!

You work in sales. One of your coworkers has made several large sales this week, and he just made another one. You're impressed, and you say this to compliment him.

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