English Lessons

English Lesson: Would you mind covering for me while I'm out?

You're going to take a vacation. You need someone to do your job for you while you're on your vacation. You ask your coworker this question.

English Lesson: He's a lot shorter in person.

You saw a famous actor at a restaurant. You're telling your friend about it. You were surprised to see that the actor was shorter than you thought. You say this.

English Lesson: Why don’t we take a survey of our customers and find out which device has the biggest market share?

You work at a company that makes applications for tablet computers. You and some coworkers are debating about which tablet device is most important to build for. There's disagreement, so you suggest a way to solve the debate.

English Lesson: I don't know — should I continue to look the other way, or rat him out to the professor?

You know that one of your classmates cheats on his homework. You haven't told the professor about it yet. You're trying to decide what to do, so you ask your friend for advice.

English Lesson: So far I've just been getting caught up.

You took off work for 6 weeks for maternity leave. You returned to work this week, and now you're trying to figure out what you're supposed to work on. A coworker who you see in the elevator asks you if you've settled back in yet. This is how you ...

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