English Lessons

English Lesson: We're #1 in customer satisfaction!

You have a small shop where you sell furniture. You're going to advertise your shop on the Internet. You want customers to think that you're friendly and that they can trust you, so you write this in the ad..

English Lesson: Suck-up!

You're a student. One of the other students in your class compliments the professor on his lecture. You think she's just doing that so that she'll get a better grade in the class. You think it's distasteful, so you think this.

English Lesson: Beverly is our go-to person for any kind of I.T. issues.

There's a new employee in your department. You're introducing her to some of the people in your company. Now you're introducing someone who's really helpful with computer problems.

English Lesson: He told me that it would be a good investment, and I was gullible enough to believe him.

You gave some money to a guy as an investment, but it turned out to be a fraud. He took your money and didn't give it back. Now you're telling the police about what happened. You say:

English Lesson: Before we can install the new counter, we'll have to rip up all this old linoleum, and possibly replace some of the underlying floor.

You work in construction remodeling people's homes. A homeowner wants to remodel his kitchen. To do this, you need to replace a lot of stuff. You tell him what you will have to do.

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