English Lessons

English Lesson: Give it a try on your own.

You're training a new employee at your company. You're showing him how to use one of the company's software applications. You've finished explaining it, so you want him to try to use it by himself.

English Lesson: I just want to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible.

You've been sued by one of your tenants, who says that you didn't make the repairs that you were supposed to on the house that she rents from you. You're annoyed that this is happening. You tell a friend about the situation and how you feel.

English Lesson: My ideal guy is someone who is confident without being cocky or arrogant.

You're using a dating app to find a boyfriend. You like confident men, so you describe the kind of personality that you are looking for.

English Lesson: There're some good restaurants around here.

You're driving to the cinema when your friend says he doesn't know the neighborhood you're in. You tell him it's a nice area with some good places to visit.

English Lesson: Ma'am, it seems to be six pounds over the allowed weight. There will be an additional overweight baggage charge for that.

You work at the checkin counter at an airport. A customer wants to check in her bag, but when you weigh it, it's too heavy. You have to tell her that she's going to need to pay extra.

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