English Lessons

English Lesson: With all this down time, I don't know what to do with myself!

You're on vacation, but you're not really sure what you want to do. You're usually so busy, so you don't remember how to relax and enjoy vacation time. You say this to your husband.

English Lesson: I just googled "new york florist" and that was the first shop that came up, so I called them.

You're showing your friend some pictures from your wedding. She compliments the flowers and asks about the florist you chose. You explain how you found them.

English Lesson: You should say something to the waiter.

You're on a dinner date and just received your food. Your date asked for salad but got fries instead. You encourage her to tell the waiter about this.

English Lesson: I work for a small bridal wear manufacturer.

You're at a restaurant. The waitress is very friendly, so you start chatting with her. She asks what you do for a living. You explain what the company you work for does.

English Lesson: Now it's just a matter of getting everything unpacked!

You're moving into a new apartment. The moving company that you hired has delivered all of your stuff to the new apartment. Now you have to unpack it. You think this to yourself.

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