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English Lesson: No, I'm good, thanks.

You're at a dinner party. The hostess offers you some more wine. You've had enough to drink, so you refuse.

No, I'm good, thanks.

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But the English that you learned in school is totally different than the English that people speak in the real world.

Understanding native English speakers is hard. They speak quickly. Their words blend together. They use slang that you didn't learn in school.

Speaking English is even harder. You know the words, but it's hard to put them together quickly enough. You're never sure whether you're making mistakes or offending people.

If you're serious about learning English, you need to master spoken English as well as written.

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PhraseMix Premium was created to make it easy for intermediate English learners to become more fluent, without a lot of extra work.

PhraseMix teaches you thousands of phrases! You will learn idioms, phrasal verbs, proverbs, collocations, slang, academic vocabulary, and more!

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