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These are other English-learning sites that PhraseMix can recommend. When you visit, leave a comment or send them an email and let them know that PhraseMix sent you!



Anki is an SRS tool that allows you to create flash cards and review them at just the right time, before you forget. It's very flexible and can be used to study any kind of material.


Brainscape is a tool for studying flashcards on the Internet or on a mobile phone. They have some English vocabulary sets that you can study. Those are OK, but the real value is that you can create and study your own flashcard sets.

COCA Corpus

I almost didn't want to write about this one, since it's kind of my "secret weapon" - a site where you can type in a word or phrase and find hundreds of example sentences from fiction, TV news shows, magazines, and other sources. The search functions allow you to find a lot of interesting information.


Lang-8 is a site where you can write a journal entry in English and have it corrected by other English-speaking users. It can be difficult to find people to correct your writing at first, but once you ask a few people to add you as a friend it gets a lot easier.


RhinoSpike is a site where you can upload an English text and an English-speaking user will upload a recording of themselves reading it out loud. It's a good tool for practicing listening and reading together at the same time. PhraseMix has used RhinoSpike to record some of the Language Terms explanations on this site.



engVid is a site with hundreds of free video lessons. Lessons are taught by native English-speaking teachers who stand in front of a whiteboard and write out notes while they teach.


You've certainly heard of YouTube before, but did you know that there are a lot of YouTube videos with English captions? There's a PhraseMix post on how to search for YouTube videos with captions.


AJATT is a crazy site, with really long and funny posts about learning Japanese. The advice on the site is useful for learning any language, though. The author has great advice on staying motivated for language learning.


Antimoon is a blog that suggests a certain method for learning English, which involves lots of input. Ask Antimoon is a site where you can get expert answers on questions about pronunciation, grammar, or other language issues.


English Harmony is a blog about how to gain fluency in English. It has good advice on ways to practice English and how to motivate yourself.

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