Discover These 10 Slang Words in the Casino Space

As a beginner or experienced player, you won't be unfamiliar with the world of casinos, how you approach playing games, and how to win them. There are slang words used in online casinos that aren't always easy to understand. Yet knowing them could help you jump right into playing without hesitation. Here are 10 slang words in the casino space.


A bankroll is the amount of money you bring to the casino. It's not the cash in your wallet or purse but includes any credit or debit cards you might be carrying.

A healthy bankroll allows you to play without worrying about losing much money at once. For example, when you're going on vacation with friends, it's a good idea to split up your group into two or three groups. So that everyone can have their bankroll, and you won't have to worry about someone else taking everything!


It's a verb and a noun. Hits happen when you win with your hand, so they aren't the result of hitting the jackpot. You're likely doing well if you're getting hits at the Casinos and if not, you can looking for the online casinos that accept Gamstop players, where impacts are more likely to occur. A hit is the opposite of busting (losing all your chips), which could mean busting out (leaving the table).


A split is a wager that allows the player to take a part of the winnings and make a separate bet. You can do the break after a win occurs or before it. For example, if you have a pair of 4s in blackjack. You can choose to split your hand into two separate hands—one with 4s and one with 5s. It will give you two different chances of winning. In spite of this, splitting hands reduces your chances of winning by 50%.

Double Down

A double down is a bet in which you go all-in on a hand in hopes of winning big. Players with a high-risk tolerance or those playing many hands often use it.

The term "double down" comes from the card game blackjack, which means double your bet after seeing your first two cards.


When you visit the casino, you'll also hear the term bust, which means what it sounds like; when you bust, it means losing all your money. In this case, you can use busting as a verb. To bust means "to lose all one's money" or put "to fail at something or someone." It means you can use the common term in the casino space and any context where failure has occurred—not at gambling!

High Roller

A high roller is someone who plays games at high stakes. You can find the majority of this type of gambling in Non Gamstop Casinos. Where people gamble for fun and adrenaline rather than to make a living. High rolling can be lucrative, but it comes with significant risks - you could lose more than your bank account in less time than it takes to say "high roller."

In casinos worldwide, you will find VIP rooms cordoned off from the masses, where they allow only those with deep pockets to access. These rooms feature luxurious decor, high-end service, and exclusive amenities like free drinks and cigars on demand. You'll feel like royalty if you're lucky enough to get into one of these rooms!


Blackjack involves strategy, chance, and a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The game's objective is to get as close to 21 without going over. A dealer's goal is to get closer to 21 than their opponents by drawing cards.

If you bet $2 and get an ace plus a ten, you'll get $3 back. If you win this round, your opponent receives one-half of their wager back to yours if you have blackjack. Both players draw two cards and get blackjacks; then no money changes hands in this case--it's a tie!

An unbeatable hand is when someone holds 17 or higher on their first hand and doesn't draw or hit another card (called "standing").


A grind is a prolonged period of playing poker. It describes the process of making money in casino games and the process of making money in sports betting.

As a result of playing too long to maximize profits, winning players often play much longer than necessary. For some, this means sitting at the table for hours until you see enough winners to make up for a lost time.

In the beginning, poker players used the word grind to insult people they thought were lazy or unambitious. But today, weight loss enthusiasts are more likely to use it since it implies the need for hard work to lose weight. 

Lose Your Shirt

It is the term for losing everything. If you lose all your money, you've lost your shirt. The phrase originates from olden times when men wore shirts with collars and cuffs. Also, their creditors would take their shirts as payment when they lost money on something and couldn't pay back what they owed. So it's a pretty literal translation!

Whales of Cash

Whales of Cash are the big players in the casino space. They can make or break your business, and they're also the ones you target when you're trying to drive revenue.

Whales of cash are the casino's biggest bettors. They're often known as high-rollers, and you can spot them in the VIP section of a casino. These gamblers make bets in the millions and seem to have no problem spending a small fortune on their hobby.


Learn Some Excellent Slang Words!

These slang words are exciting additions to the casino industry and can help you rise. Remember that learning these new words is essential so you don't look like a total newbie when saying them. Either way, even if you don't understand all these terms. They're all amusing words to use when you want to appear savvier than you are.

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