Is It OK to Apply CBD Cream to Treat Skin Inflammation?

One of the main benefits of CBD is thought to be reducing inflammation. CBD works alongside the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids to support the endocannabinoid system and, in turn, reduce inflammation.

When dealing with skin inflammation, it is not always clear what the best way to consume CBD is. Should you stick with traditional CBD oil drops that you take sublingually, or should you opt for a more targeted approach in the form of topicals?

The great thing about CBD topicals, such as CBD cream, is that they allow you to treat a specific area of the body directly without affecting the rest of your body. The question that you might be asking yourself, though, is whether CBD topical cream is as effective as CBD oils; and should you be using them to treat skin inflammation?

Let’s delve a little deeper into precisely what CBD creams are and how they work so that you can decide if they are the best way to treat skin inflammation.

What Are CBD Topical Creams?

CBD topical creams are used in much the same way as regular creams, apply to your chosen area of skin and let them naturally absorb. Brands such as Premium Jane have a number of CBD creams for customers to choose from, including different concentrations and uses. 

Some CBD creams are meant for general purposes and can be applied to most areas of the body, while other creams have a more targeted approach. Provacan, for example, sells CBD eye creams, CBD sun cream, and CBD body butter.

Depending on the area of your body that becomes inflamed, creams with a more targeted approach could be a better option than a more general cream. For an athlete just finishing a long workout at the gym, a joint and muscle cream infused with CBD is likely to be more effective than an all-purpose CBD body cream.

Just like regular creams, CBD-infused creams not only provide your skin with a healthy burst of CBD, but they also help to hydrate and moisturize your skin. CBD creams can be used in place of your standard moisturizers, helping to simplify your skincare routine.

How Do CBD Topical Creams Work?

CBD within topical creams works in a different way to CBD that you consume orally. Rather than the CBD entering your bloodstream and working its way around your entire body, CBD topicals only affect the area that they are applied to.

As with all creams and topicals, the CBD within the cream slowly absorbs through the surface layers of your skin. The CBD does not enter your bloodstream as it does with other forms of CBD, and therefore the effects are limited.

Topicals such as CBD cream are particularly useful when dealing with surface-level ailments such as irritated skin and inflammation. CBD creams can also be effective at treating muscle and joint pain as they are close to the skin and do not require CBD to circulate your entire body.

The effects of CBD creams tend to be felt much quicker than when consuming CBD orally, as it does not have to be processed around your body. When looking for a quick, short-term solution, CBD creams can be beneficial.

The Benefits of Using CBD Creams to Treat Skin Inflammation

There are many reasons why you might want to consider using CBD creams to treat skin inflammation as opposed to traditional pharmacy creams or even other forms of CBD.

One of the main benefits of CBD creams is that they are completely natural, meaning that you do not have to worry about subjecting your body to potentially harmful chemicals. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, for example, options such as Premium Jane CBD cream provide a gentle way to benefit from CBD and care for your skin.

Another benefit of CBD creams is that they allow you to treat inflamed areas of skin without affecting the rest of your body. If you are someone who already takes oral CBD as a dietary supplement, CBD creams ensure that you do not modify the levels of CBD in the rest of your body, confusing your endocannabinoid system.

CBD creams not only help to treat skin inflammation, but they also moisturize your skin, acting as a multipurpose tool to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Many CBD creams are packed with natural essential oils and minerals, chosen for their moisturizing properties.

Final Thoughts on Using CBD Cream to Treat Skin Inflammation

CBD creams are an effective way of treating skin inflammation and allow you to target particular areas of your body easily. Where CBD creams are not quite as useful is when looking to treat internal inflammation, as the CBD within cream can only affect the area it is applied to.

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