Useful Phrases for the Casino. Don't Look Like a Newbie

During our digital age, numerous options that have been inaccessible or impossible before are attainable now. The Internet made a lot of things possible, including easy access to learning. Now, you can be competent in any situation, with a little bit of the beforehand study and a few clicks. This is a very convenient feature as you can be prepared for all kinds of new exciting adventures in advance. For instance, you can learn a plentiful of handy casino phrases before beginning your first gambling campaign, so you will look like a pro, instead of a newbie. In this article, we will get acquainted with the most useful casino slang. Stay tuned for cool phrases and awesome tips. 

Gambling World Is Rich For Its Vocabulary

The world of gambling has its own idioms, words, and slang, as well as its own rules of conduct. Here some of the words that will turn you into a pleasant gambling partner and a respectable player: 

- “Place Your Bets!” is a signal to make your bet. Beware as you will have a limited time to do so.

- “Final Bets!” is the sign that you have reached the limit of time for placing a bet.

- “No More Bets!” means that the round is closed.

- “Betting the limit” is when a player puts a maximum bet he or she can afford to make. 

- “Card counting" - with this one you have to be very good at math. Also – it is forbidden at many gambling establishments. Thankfully, the situation is much different in online gambling. Basic card counting is memorizing the cards that have been already in the game and figuring out the rest of them, calculating your chances to win accordingly.

- “Loading up" is slang for a player who is prepared to put the maximum amount of coins the slot machine can accept.

- “Vigorish” - is also known as the house edge, the commission that the gambling establishment will take.

- “Whale" is a huge aquatic mammal, but also a player who constantly bets very large sums, much bigger than anyone else at the table.

- “Pigeon" - is exactly the name that you will avoid by finishing reading this article. Usually, it is the name that more experienced players call their fresh novice opponents. Newbie or beginner in other words. We can say with a high level of competencies that by memorizing our casino vocabulary you will escape being a pigeon for sure.   

These gambling expressions will help to figure out the tempo of any game to keep up with the speed. 

There are more gambling words and phrases that you need to know in order to be fluent in the language of playing and winning. 

Pinching & Past Posting – these are the terms for cheating, especially in roulette. Pinching stands for getting rid of your chips from the gaming table after losing a round as if you hadn't placed a bet at all. Trust us, no dealer would appreciate this move. Past Posting is the opposite move – you place your bet on the table after the winner has been announced. It is better to maintain a fair game in order to avoid all sorts of conflicts. 

Full Stack is a term for a pile of 20 chips. If you want to try out this slang, you can go to a 10 dollar deposit casino and try your luck there. 

X-amount of stacks of colour – the x stands for the desired number of the pile of chips, and colour stands for a certain type of chips. 

To cash the chips in/To cash me in – slang for exchanging the chips for money at the end of your gambling day/campaign. 

Ace in the hole – refers to a special advantage a player holds over others and can use it to his/her benefit. 

Hit the jackpot is among the most desired gambling phrases. It means the total win when the player gets whatever he or she desires. This idiom is actually often used outside of gambling in order to emphasize someone's triumph or particular good circumstances. 

No dice – is another phrase that is also used outside of the casino, even though it is literally about the gambling element. Overall it means the refusal to agree with something or a very little chance of something happening. 

Play the percentages – while having a quite straightforward meaning which is to consider your chances or percentages of winning and act according to them, it also means to play it cool and consider all aspects in decision-making. 

Throwing the game is something hardly anyone wants to do which is to lose the game on purpose. 

Do not forget to memorize these phrases and to thank Lady Fortune for smiling at you! 

Susan Wallace is a language specialist and a linguist that specializes in researching slang and idioms of different languages. She often explores the vocabularies of some particular industries such as sports, gambling, or medicine. Ms Wallace shares the most interesting findings in her blog online.

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