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If you want to get a job, make foreign friends, travel abroad, or do anything real in English, you need to learn useful everyday expressions.

PhraseMix Premium is the fastest way to learn what to say in over 1,700 everyday situations. Improve your listening skill. Speak more confidently. Sound more natural.

English Lesson: No, I'm good, thanks.

You're at a dinner party. The hostess offers you some more wine. You've had enough to drink, so you refuse.

No, I'm good, thanks.

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PhraseMix user Iramaia Now Phrasemix is complete. While we read, we can also listen to the phrases, which is a great help for us English students.”

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I've tried and tested all the methods available out there on the Internet; Phrasemix Premium clearly stands apart. Achieving fluency will be extremely easy by following the Phrasemix method."

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Are you serious about learning English?

Is learning English important to you? Are you really serious about becoming fluent?

There are really only 3 ways to become fluent in English*:

  1. Be born in an English-speaking family.
  2. Move to an English-speaking country. Get a job there, make English-speaking friends, and live there for a few years.
  3. Follow the PhraseMix Method :)

You probably missed out on #1. #2 takes a lot of money and a lot of time.

That leaves #3, which I call the PhraseMix Method.

How you should study English:

This is my personal method for improving your fluency, pronunciation, listening skill, and vocabulary:

  1. Find recordings of natural English sentences from a variety of different situations.
  2. Study the meaning of each sentence until you completely understand what the speaker meant and why they said it that way.
  3. Listen to the recording and _copy_ the pronunciation.
  4. Listen to the sentence 20 or 30 times, until you can remember all the words. The vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation will all start to come naturally.

That's it: the world's 3rd-best method for learning a language! I really believe that this method works.

PhraseMix Premium

You can use the PhraseMix Method on your own. You can find all kinds of recordings of English sentences on the Internet. You can watch videos on YouTube, download podcasts, and buy movies. Then you can carefully watch and listen to figure out what's going on. You can sit with a dictionary and look up new words and phrases. You can stop, rewind, and play each sentence until you've memorized each one.

Or you can let PhraseMix do all the work for you. With PhraseMix Premium, you'll get clear and natural recordings of useful phrases, completely explained for you. For less than 40 cents a day, you can use the world's 3rd-best language study method!

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