English Lessons

“That's a fancy-looking new camera you've got there.”

English Lesson: That's a fancy-looking new camera you've got there.

You're with a friend of yours in a park. You notice that he has a new camera that looks expensive. You want to say something about it in a playful way.

That's a fancy-looking new camera you've got there.

English Lesson: Is this place any good?

You're looking for a restaurant to eat dinner at with your girlfriend. You pass by a restaurant which you've never been to, but your girlfriend says she's eaten there. You ask her this about the restaurant.

English Lesson: He has your eyes.

Your friend recently had a baby. She's showing you pictures of him for the first time. You think that the baby mostly looks like his father, but the baby's eyes look like your friend's eyes. You say this.

English Lesson: It was a great deal. It seemed like a no-brainer.

You bought airplane tickets for you and your wife to go to Germany on vacation. You bought them because the tickets were really cheap. Now your wife is angry because you didn't ask her first. You offer this explanation for why you bought the tickets.

English Lesson: Excuse me. Can I slide past you?

You're sitting in the window seat in coach on an airplane. You need to go to the restroom, but the person sitting next to you is taking up too much space and you can't get out. You say this to him.