English Lessons

“No way! Get out of here!”

English Lesson: No way! Get out of here!

Your brother tells you that he met a really famous celebrity. You say this because you're surprised that he met someone so famous.

No way! Get out of here!

English Lesson: There's some kind of funky odor in here.

You open your refrigerator to look for a snack. It smells bad. You comment on it to your roommate.

English Lesson: If you get stuck, come grab me and I’ll be happy to help.

You're training a new employee in your department at work. You've showed her how to do a task. Now you're going to let her try it by herself. You say this before you leave.

English Lesson: I knew it!

Your friend comes over to your house for a party but doesn't drink anything. You wonder if she might be pregnant. A few weeks later, she tells you that she is. You say this in excitement.

English Lesson: So many choices!

You go out to a Chinese restaurant with a group of friends. The menu has over 100 different items. You say this because you're not sure what to get.