English Lessons

“I’m good at thinking quickly on my feet.”

English Lesson: I’m good at thinking quickly on my feet.

You're in a job interview. The interviewer asks about one of your strengths. You explain that you can make good decisions quickly.

I’m good at thinking quickly on my feet.

English Lesson: See how the alert message changed when you did that?

You're teaching a coworker how to use a database application. You're explaining how to fill in an important form. You notice that something changed on the screen, so you point it out to your coworker.

English Lesson: I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

You're in a meeting at work. One of your coworkers makes a suggestion. You don't like the suggestion, so you politely reject it.

English Lesson: All right, well I guess I should be going.

You've been hanging out at a friend's house on a Saturday afternoon. You've been there for several hours, so you feel like it's time for you to leave. You say this to start leaving.

English Lesson: I didn't catch that. Did you hear what he said?

You're watching a movie with your friend and you didn't understand something that a character said. You ask your friend this, hoping he can clear up the confusion.