English Lessons

“Security was super tight.”

English Lesson: Security was super tight.

It's a busy travel season and there was recently a terrorism threat. Today you flew to a client's office on an airplane. You say this while making small talk about the flight.

Security was super tight.

English Lesson: I finally had to swallow my pride and beg my parents to lend me some money.

You're telling a story about a situation you had in the past: you lost your job and didn't have enough money to pay for your rent. You tried to find money to pay for it yourself, but you couldn't. So you asked your parents for money. This is how y...

English Lesson: I just thought I'd come out and get some fresh air and sunshine.

It's a nice day outside, so you go out to ride your bicycle. You see your neighbor jogging and stop to make small talk with him. You offer this explanation as to why you're riding your bicycle.

English Lesson: Have no fear! I shall rescue you.

You're at your girlfriend's house. She sees a spider in the kitchen. She seems to be really afraid of it, and asks you to get rid of it for her. You think it's funny that she's so scared, so you pretend to be a superhero.

English Lesson: Their powerful flippers propel them through the water in search of prey.

You're reading a website about penguins. It's written in a kind of scientific style. One part of the page is about how they swim. This is what it says.