English Lessons

“She kind of perked up when I mentioned Hannah's name.”

English Lesson: She kind of perked up when I mentioned Hannah's name.

Your dog has another neighborhood dog that she's friends with. You set up a time with your neighbor for the dogs to play together. Your dog was excited about it when you came. You're telling this about your neighbor.

She kind of perked up when I mentioned Hannah's name.

English Lesson: What did you just say to me?

You're yelling at your daughter to clean her room. She says, under her breath, "I hate you!". Now you're extremely angry, and you can't believe she said that. You say this.

English Lesson: I'm willing to help you out, but you've got to put forth a little more effort.

You're a teacher. One of your students is failing the class. You're talking to her about her grades. You say this.

English Lesson: Someone should tell those guys that the baggy pants look is totally out of style.

You're walking around your neighborhood with a friend. You notice a group of guys wearing big, baggy jeans. That used to be fashionable several years ago, but you don't think it's cool anymore. You make a comment about it to your friend.

English Lesson: We've got to find a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

You're discussing social issues with a couple of friends. One issue that's important to you is the environment. You think it's important for your country to develop "green" energy, so you say this.

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