English Lessons

“She can come across as stuck up at first.”

English Lesson: She can come across as stuck up at first.

One of your friends is complaining about a girl that you both know. He doesn't like her. You didn't like her when you first met her, but now you do. You say this.

She can come across as stuck up at first.

English Lesson: I'm pretty strapped for cash myself.

A friend asks if he can borrow some money for a few days until his next paycheck. You don't have much money either, so you say no.

English Lesson: This thing is such a piece of junk!

Your car often has engine problems. Now you're trying to start your car, but it won't work. This is what you say to yourself.

English Lesson: We're looking for a highly motivated, super-organized self-starter.

You need to hire an office assistant. You want someone who will do a good job without being told what to do. You write this on the job description.

English Lesson: We provide assistance to disabled veterans.

You're explaining what your charity organization does at a street fair.