English Lessons

“That burrito I ate didn't agree with me.”

English Lesson: That burrito I ate didn't agree with me.

You're out with a friend and your stomach started to feel upset. Your friend asks you about it, and you explain what's happening.

That burrito I ate didn't agree with me.

English Lesson: Do you have an upset stomach?

You're out with a friend, and she starts to look like she's uncomfortable. She's holding her stomach. You think that she might be sick. You ask her about it.

English Lesson: Yeah, he's a real stickler for following the proper chain of command.

At work, your coworker is complaining because she got yelled at by the manager of the tech support department. She sent an e-mail to one of the tech support staff directly instead of going through the manager. You've been yelled at by this person ...

English Lesson: He really resembles George.

Your friend recently had a baby, and she's showing you pictures of him. You think the baby looks like his father, so you tell your friend this.

English Lesson: My glasses are fogging up.

It's a cold day outside. When you come inside your warm house, the glasses that you're wearing get moisture on them and it's hard for you to see through them. You say this to your sister, who's sitting on the couch.