English Lessons

“Quit nagging me!”

English Lesson: Quit nagging me!

Your wife wants you to go to the dentist. She's told you to make an appointment several times in the last few weeks. She tells you again. You're annoyed that she keeps telling you what to do, so you tell her to stop.

Quit nagging me!

English Lesson: Oh, so you’re one of those, huh?

You're a hair dresser. You're talking with a customer while you cut his hair. You ask what he does, and he says that he's a lawyer. You tease him about it.

English Lesson: Hey guys. How’s it going?

You're in charge of a meeting at work. You say this to get the meeting started.

English Lesson: I'd just like to say, on behalf of everyone here, good luck in your new home.

You've organized a party at a restaurant for a friend of yours who's moving to another part of the country. You want to officially say some nice things about your friend. You say this once you've gotten everyone's attention.

English Lesson: I’m good at thinking quickly on my feet.

You're in a job interview. The interviewer asks about one of your strengths. You explain that you can make good decisions quickly.