English Lessons

“Excuse me!?”

English Lesson: Excuse me!?

Your boyfriend was being rude to you and seemed angry, but you don't know why. You asked him a question but he didn't answer or give any response. Now you're angry and you want to make him answer your question. You say this.

Excuse me!?

English Lesson: What's your problem?

Your boyfriend seems to be angry at you. He's acting rude to to you, and you don't know why. You want to let him know that you're annoyed by his behavior, and you say this to start an argument.

English Lesson: Dear Mr. Kent: I am writing to inform you that we have not yet received your rent payment for this month.

You work in the management office of an apartment building. One of the tenants hasn't paid his rent yet for this month, and the payment is 10 days overdue. You're writing a letter to warn him to pay his rent immediately. You start the letter like ...

English Lesson: You're able to convey subtle nuances.

You and a friend are having a discussion about the way that young people tend to prefer text messages, email, and social media instead of direct conversations. You told your friend that you think face-to-face communication is best. This is how you...

English Lesson: OK, fair enough.

Your boss has too much work to do, so you volunteer to take some of his responsibilities. He doesn't want to give you those responsibilities. He explains that it is easier to organize everything if he does it himself. You don't think that's really...