English Lessons

“Yeah, I start to zone out after about five minutes.”

English Lesson: Yeah, I start to zone out after about five minutes.

You're talking to a classmate about your professor's lectures. Your classmate says that his lectures are boring and hard to pay attention to. You agree, so you say this.

Yeah, I start to zone out after about five minutes.

English Lesson: Settle down! You're getting all worked up over nothing.

Your girlfriend is worried because her boss announced an unexpected meeting tomorrow morning. She's afraid that she's going to be fired. She's getting really nervous, so you tell her to calm down.

English Lesson: She'll be with you shortly.

You're going in for a job interview. You tell the employee near the entrance that you have an appointment with the manager. He tells you to wait.

English Lesson: Dude, it's so dope!

You're a young man. A new sports car was just announced. You're telling a friend about it, and you want to explain that it's really cool.

English Lesson: They are testing the limits of my patience!

You're trying to have a conversation with your friend, but your children are running around and yelling. They're starting to make you angry. You say this.