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Introducing Phrasemix Mobile Apps for IOS and Android

The Phrasemix team is pleased to announce that it’s proprietary English learning system is now available on Apple and Android devices.


Save 80% on Phrasemix Premium

Improve your English fluency and save 80%! Our most advanced English learning system normally costs $180 for one year, but today only it's only $39!   Access thousands of online English lessons for an entire year for only $39.  Improve your English skills with Phrasemix...

Learning English Phrases Best Practices(Part 1)

Learning English Phrases Best Practices Part 1

Learning English as second language is fun and rewarding. It makes it easier to understand different cultures, socialize with locals and even land a job! However, the process of learning English can be frustrating especially if you have no access to...

50 More Important English Idioms

50 More Important English Idioms

51. beyond your years

When something is not what you thought it was, you can say that it is beyond your wildest dreams.

52. Dig in your heels

Digging in your heels means that you refuse to do something whenever somebody convinces you to do so. They will try all they can, but you will not give...

A new look for!

If you're a regular PhraseMix reader, you've probably already noticed that things look a little different.

This is a redesign that we've been working on for many months now. The main goals of the redesign were:

1. Make the site easier to read and navigate

We made the page wider, made...