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How to describe different kinds of websites in English

The Internet is huge, and there are a lot of different kinds of websites out there. If you spend time on the Internet, it's helpful to be able to talk about the different kinds of websites you use in English. Here's an overview of some of the different kinds of sites you might come...

How should I use PhraseMix Premium?

Congratulations! You have a Premium membership. Now what? 

Here are some Premium features that you should try out:

The Phrase Mixer audio review tool

An audio player on each Lesson page

Downloads of weekly collections of lessons

Member-only articles 


The Best English Articles About Environment

For the last couple of years, the health of our planet has been on the tongues of people and countries all over the world. Companies and governments have started to implement strategies to curb our pollutive habits and create healthy and sustainable ones instead. 

You only have to do a quick...

Medical Terminology for Non-English Speakers

Students from around the world yearn to attend top-tier medical schools in the United States and Canada. And it's no question as to why! These schools offer medical education unparalleled throughout the world.

However, language can sometimes be a barrier. Here are some useful tips for...

Best Web Series to Quickly Upgrade Your English

Best Web Series
We are always on a lookout for an interesting and fun way to learn a language or improve the existing one. Well, there are a bunch of methods available. One of the most unique and fun methods is watching a TV series. With these web series, you can get a better grip over language without even...