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Urban Slang Words for Stoners

1. Toker

2. 420

3. Ganja

4. Couch Lock

5. The Munchies

6. Chronic

Words for Weed Are Wonderful

Cannabis culture is synonymous with secret synonyms and curious code words. There’s enough urban slang for weed to fill a dictionary.

The use of creative expressions in the cannabis world extends...


 Applying to a graduate school or a foreign university as a non-native English speaker often comes with its rigors, one of which is acing the TOEFL test. Be rest assured you are not alone on this quest as we have provided a comprehensive guide to help you achieve your aim.

This article is...

Common Online Gaming Vocabulary

Like any other pastime activity, Gaming uses lingo that newcomers may find confusing at first. 

Plenty of today's most-played online games require players to work together and coordinate their actions with those of their opponents, all while racing against time. The more you know about...

What Can You Do With a Doctorate in Education?


Earning yourself a Doctorate in Education (EdD) postgraduate degree can help prepare you to leave a lasting impact on your students and the future of college education, locally and abroad. You'll also be positioning yourself for career advancement. For instance, with an EdD, you are...

Smart home is a must-have for owners of private houses

How does a smart home work?

A Smart Home review should start with a definition. "Smart Home" is an intelligent automated system that links individual devices into a single whole. For example, thanks to such a system, the light in a room of the house turn on when people appear, the air...