Essay Writing Tips

Over the years, we have received hundreds of requests from Phrasemix users looking for information to improve their English language professional and academic essay writing skills.

Since Phrasemix team is primarily focused on English phrases and sentence structure, we reached out to professional essay writers to get tips and strategies on constructing the perfect professional and academic essays. Enjoy!

Useful Tips for Improving Your Writing Skills in English

English essay writing website reviews are a sizable and profitable industry, relying on a global community of capable and knowledgeable writers. This increase is due to the demand for English language papers. Just as Latin was before it, English has become the world’s language.

If you are...

Top 7 Best Travel Writers 2020; Access the World's Famous Travel Journalists

How many best travel writers do you know? Have you come across one? Never mind, many travel writers have proven to be great, but some are just exceptional.

Top Rated Best Travel Writers You Should follow in 2020

Writing is an art, as well as a craft, and the skills needed to become a competent...

Can You Learn a Language by Playing Games?

Between playing at slots with Casino Canada online recommendations and video games, is there a way to make the time more educational? Perhaps games and learning a new language can go hand in hand?

Our author, Michelle Thomas, explores this concept and presents a perspective on learning language...

5 Typical Essay Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Essay-writing has been with us since our days of school. However, it is more than just a piece of narrative written for a couple of marks in an exam. Essay-writing is essential in many literary and professional pursuits where narration, arguments, critiques, and observations are required. These...

5 Steps to Take to Prepare for Your Dissertation Early

A dissertation is a challenging work that opens the door to academia. Some students finish their doctoral courses without completing the dissertation. Of course, you have years of training and experience as well as many essays, lab reports, research papers, and scientific articles done. But...