Why Should You Prioritize On Sharpening Your English Skills In 2020

2020 is finally here, and as you jot down your new year resolutions, sharpening your English skills should be at the helm of your list.

Remember, English is the international language; Thus, it is the international language for business. That said, if you sharpen your English skills, then all your endeavors, including your business, will have a critical tool for success.

In the section below, we explore some of the reasons why polishing your English skills should be a top priority in 2020. 

English is the language of the internet

Since we are in the age of technology, the internet has played a significant role in ensuring that we stay informed. Also, it has given businesses a platform to market to a broader population than traditional forms of advertising.

In 2020, you need to know that English is the language of the internet. Of course, you might argue that there exists several translation tools, including the free Google translator, which allows you to communicate to all audiences in any internationally recognized language. But before you make an assumption, ask yourself one overarching question – how many people actually use such tools?

Look – most social media platforms, websites, and blogs are predominantly English. Therefore, if your communication in these arenas features a strong command of the language, you can rest assured that it will reach a considerable number of users; thus, you will achieve more success!

Negotiating business deals will be super easy!

As an entrepreneur, you need strong negotiation skills to achieve business goals and objectives. By sharpening your English skills, you will know how to put a point across in the best way possible, especially if the communication is done in written form. For example, if you can draft a well-written email without mistakes and evoke the right emotions, winning deals cannot be a vicious cycle for you.

You will build stronger interpersonal relationships

Since we are in a global village, it is now easier than ever to build networks with people across timelines. 

Since English is an international language, sharpening your skills will help you develop more empathetic social communication, which ultimately awards you with strong interpersonal relationships.

By being able to read, write, and speak good English, you might make like-minded friends who might share ideas that will help improve your life. Ultimately, you might even meet face-to-face and do all the fun things the world can offer, such as going to the Champions League final or witnessing the Kentucky Derby 2020.

String English skills might help you land your dream job!

Of course, there are a host of factors that prompt employers to hire the best candidate for a vacant position. This includes the level of education, prior experience on the job, and in some cases, the results they attain on an aptitude test.

What you might not know is that strong language skills are a factor that is often considered in the hiring process, especially in positions that require a high level of client interaction.

If you demonstrate sound English skills in your CV and interview, you will have an advantage over your competitors, and you might get your dream job. This is one of the most significant reasons why you should invest time, resources, and energy in sharpening your English Skills!

Finally…you can conquer the world by sharpening your English skills

English is a language that can help you conquer the world in every aspect.

To be the best in this day and age, you need to have knowledge in different areas. You must be in the loop with various aspects affecting the society. English is the language of politics, popular culture, entertainment, business, and news. 

By having knowledge in current affairs and demonstrating an admirable grasp of the English language, the world will come closer to you, and you will reach greater heights than you ever imagined.

To enjoy these benefits and much more, why don’t you join a program that will help improve your English, or invest time for self-training?

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