“Actually, I'm looking to switch careers.”

You are talking with someone you just met at a party. You're talking about your career. You've told her about your current job, but you want to get a totally different job. You tell her this.

Actually, I'm looking to switch careers.

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Actually, (sentence)

Use this to tell people something that's unexpected or different from what they are expecting to hear:

Wow, this is actually pretty good.

Actually, I'm looking to switch careers.

Actually it's been kind of slow this week.

"Actually," is really useful for correcting people. For example, if you're putting a puzzle together with someone and they put a piece in the wrong place, say:

Actually, the blue piece goes over here.

I'm looking to (do something)

This phrase means that you want to do something:

We're looking to buy a house some time this year.

When you say "I'm looking to (do something)", it sounds like you are just starting to make your decision. It also sounds like you are going to take your time. You use this phrase when talking about making large decisions like buying a house or car, or changing your career.

switch careers

Your "career" is the long-term history of the jobs you've had and the ones you will have in the future. When you talk about your "job", it brings to mind the everyday activities you do at work. But when you talk about your "career" it means the choices you make about where to work and how it will affect your future.

To "switch careers" means to change to a totally different kind of work. For example, you can "switch careers" from being a nurse to being a painter.

When you get a different job that's similar to your old job, but with a different company, you say that you "changed (your) job".