“Are you satisfied with your job?”

You're having a bad day at work, and it's making you feel like you want to do something different. You go out to lunch with a co-worker, and you want to know if he enjoys his job. You ask this.

Are you satisfied with your job?

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(someone) is satisfied with (something)

Being "satisfied" means feeling like you have enough of something and being happy. It means not wishing you had more of something. For example, we use the word "satisfied" to describe the feeling of having a full stomach after a good meal:

Aren't you satisfied yet? You've been eating for half an hour.

To express what makes you feel satisfied, use the word "with":

I worked hard on it, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

satisfied with (one's) job

One of the most common topics that people like to discuss their satisfaction with is their job. We even have a specific term, "job satisfaction", to describe this:

Despite receiving lower pay, women report greater job satisfaction than men, according to a recent survey.