“Come on! Did you have to bring that up?”

You're having a conversation with your mother and she mentions an embarrassing story about you. You wish she wouldn't tell that story, so you say this to her.

Come on! Did you have to bring that up?

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Come on!

This is a phrase that you say when you don't like what someone is doing and want them to stop. Depending on how it is said, it can be used playfully or angrily.

Did you have to (do something)?

This phrase is used to express that you don't agree with what someone did. It is pronounced with stress on the word "have".

This phrase is mainly used in spoken English and in casual or business settings. A more formal version of this is "Was it really necessary for you to ___?"

bring up (a topic)

This means to introduce a topic into the conversation, or to start talking about a topic.

When you use "that", "it", "her" or other pronoun, the order is "bring ___ up". When you use a noun or longer phrase, use the order "bring up ___"

I'm glad you brought that up.

I don't know why she had to bring up the fact that we used to go out in front of all those people.