“Did you get it colored?”

You meet your friend for lunch, and her hair looks like it might be a different color. You want to ask her if she dyed it. After you compliment her on her hair style, you ask this.

Did you get it colored?

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get (something)(done)

Most people go to a professional stylist or barber when they want a haircut. You describe this service as:

I got my hair cut.

Sometimes people will also say:

I cut my hair.

But that's a little confusing because it sounds like you did it yourself.

Aside from getting your hair cut, other things you can "get done" include:

color (one's hair)

You call changing your hair color "coloring your hair".

You also can say that someone "dyed her hair", but "dye" doesn't sound as nice. It brings to mind the image of the actual dyes (which are chemicals which change the color of hair or fabric). And you can "dye" hair, clothes, and Easter eggs. But you can only "color" hair.

So use "color" to talk about someone's new hair color and how it looks, and "dye" if you're talking about the actual process that they have to use to change the color.