“Have you confronted him about it?”

Your sister says that her husband has been coming home from work really late every day for the past few months without any explanation. She suspects that he might be doing something wrong, like having an affair. You want to know if she's asked him to explain his actions.

Have you confronted him about it?

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Have you (done something)?

For an in-depth explanation of when to use "Have you ___?", read the post on the Perfect aspect.

confront (someone) about (something)

To "confront" someone means to speak directly to them about a problem, a complaint, or a criticism. In the example above, "confronting" the husband would mean asking him something like:

Why have you been coming home so late every night?

Or even:

Are you cheating on me?

You always have to have an object for "confronted". That means that you always have to say who got confronted:

Did she confront you?

To tell what the topic of the confrontation is, use "about ___".