“He's nervous about making friends at the new school.”

Your 12-year-old son is going to start at a new school next week. He's worried about it because he doesn't know if he can make friends. You're telling your husband about it. You say this.

He's nervous about making friends at the new school.

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(someone) is nervous about (doing something)

You use the word "about" with "nervous" to tell the topic of someone's nervous feelings:

I'm a little nervous about this.

You can say that you're "nervous about" a noun, like in this example:

Are you nervous about your speech?

Or you can name an action you're nervous about using "nervous about ___ing":

Lots of people get nervous about speaking in public.

make friends

You use the word "make" to describe getting new friends:

I made a lot of great friends in college.

It's hard to make friends when you work at home.