“How'd it go?”

Your wife applied for an open position at her company. She had an interview earlier today. Now you've called her to ask about it.

How'd it go?

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How'd (something) go?

Ask "How'd it go?" to get news from someone about a major event like an interview, a speech, their first day of work, a date, etc.

"How'd it go?" is similar to "How was ___?" But "How was ___?" is asking for someone's opinion or evaluation of an event. For example, you could ask:

How was the movie?

How was your vacation?

You ask "How'd ___ go?" when someone has tried to do something, and you want to know the result:

How'd your meeting with Microsoft go?

"How'd" is a contraction of "How did". "How'd ___ go?" is more casual than "How did ___ go?"


In the example above, the speaker asks "How'd it go". That's because the interview was an important event. Both people are expecting to talk about the interview as soon as they talk to each other. So they both understand that "it" means the interview.