“I totally bombed it.”

You applied for an open position at your company. You had an interview earlier today. Now you're telling your friend about how the interview went. You admit this to your friend because you don't think you did a good job.

I totally bombed it.

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In casual conversation, when you want to exaggerate an action or description, you use the adverb "totally". Here are some common examples of how "totally" is used:

I'm so sorry, I totally forgot to call you!

New Orleans was totally destroyed by the hurricane.

New York is totally different than it was back in the '80s.

Yes, I totally agree.

Evan's reaction was totally unexpected.

A slightly more formal word with a similar meaning is "completely". "Completely" could be used instead of "totally" in any of the examples above.

bomb (something)

When you "bomb" an interview, a presentation, a speech, a test, or a performance, it means that you do a bad job and aren't successful. "Bomb ___" is kind of a slang expression.

The word "bomb" is also used to describe a movie, album, or TV show that isn't good and that people don't like.