“It's such a waste of time.”

You're talking to a friend about Facebook. You are trying not to use it. This is how you explain why.

It's such a waste of time.

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(something) is a waste of time

When something is "a waste of time", it means that you spend a lot of time doing it, but don't get any benefits from it in the end. This is a common phrase people use when they're talking about:

  • things that they have to do but don't want to do (like waiting in a line)
  • things that they want to do but don't think are useful (like playing video games or using some websites)

(something) is such a (something)

The word "such" is similar to "so" except it's used with nouns instead of adjectives:

He's so handsome.

He's such a good-looking man.

I used to be so lazy.

I used to be such a procrastinator!