“It's super important that I get this internship.”

You're a university student, and your major is landscape architecture. You're trying to get a summer internship. You're talking to a friend about it, and you say this to tell him how important it is.

It's super important that I get this internship.

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super (adjective)

This is an adverb that people sometimes use instead of "very". It's not exactly slang, because people of all ages use it. But it is used when you want to sound a little bit "different". It has a more energetic and excited feeling than "very". Common words that people use after "super" include:

He's super rich.

Everyone there was super cool.

It's super easy to make. (Often used when on cooking TV shows and in recipes.)

He's not only strong, but super fast as well.

It's important that (someone)(do something)

When you're explaining an idea or action that is important, use the phrase "It's important that I ___" or "It's important that you ___", etc. For example:

It's important that you understand why we're doing it this way.

It's important that our customers be aware of all the changes that we're making.

Notice in the second example that we use "customers be" instead of "customers are". You use the basic form of the verb, which is the version that would appear after "to":

to give > "It's important that they give..."

to have > "It's important that he have..."

to listen > "It's important that she listen..."

get an internship

An "internship" is a short-term job that a student (or sometimes a young person who has already graduated from school) takes, in order to get experience in a field. Sometimes the student will get paid for their work. If so, you can call it a "paid internship". But a lot of internships are unpaid. Students do internships because it will make it easier for them to get a job in that field later if they already have work experience.

Use the word "get" to talk about being accepted for an internship or being offered an internship:

When I was a junior in college, I got an internship at HBO.

this (thing)

In the sentence at top, the speaker says "this internship". That means that he is talking about one specific internship. In this example, the speaker was just telling his friend about the internship that he wanted to get. So his friend knew exactly which one he was talking about.

If the speaker wasn't talking about one specific internship, but about any one, he would say:

It's super important that I get an internship.

And if the speaker wanted to talk about one specific internship, but his friend didn't know about it, he would say:

It's super important that I get this one internship that I'm applying for.