“Look at this place! They completely trashed it!”

Your young nieces and nephews came over to your house during the Christmas holidays. They were playing with toys, eating and drinking, and opening gifts. Now they've left and your house is really messy. You say this to your husband.

Look at this place! They completely trashed it!

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Look at this place!

This is a common phrase to use when you're looking at a dirty or messy room

Usually people say "Look at ___!" to express their surprise. This can be for something bad, like a messy room. Or it can be for something good. For example, when you see a child who you haven't seen for a long time, and they've grown a lot, you can say:

Look at you! You've gotten so big!

(someone) trashed (something)

To "trash" something means to mess it up. Here are some examples of "trashing" things:

  • If you got in a car accident, you can say:

    I trashed my car.

  • When teenagers in movies have a party at someone's house, they usually trash the house by breaking things, dropping trash everywhere, and spilling drinks on the rugs and furniture.