“My husband is a total baseball freak.”

A coworker mentions that her husband watches baseball. Your husband watches baseball too. He's super interested in it, but you don't care much about it. You say this about your husband.

My husband is a total baseball freak.

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a total (something)

"Total" means "complete" or "100%". Use it to talk about a characteristic that a person has a lot of. Some examples of using "total" to talk about people include:

We were total strangers at that point.

You'd be a total fool to turn this down.

a (something) freak

Call someone "a ___ freak" if they're really interested in a specific topic. Some examples include:

I admit that I used to be somewhat of a comic book freak back then.

Since when did you become such a cooking freak?

When you call someone "a ___ freak", it means that you think they spend too much time thinking about that topic. The word "freak" has a negative meaning; it means someone who is not normal and has a strange appearance or personality. However, "a ___ freak" doesn't sound that negative. It makes people think of someone who is really into a hobby.

You can also call someone "a ___ nerd":

She's such a music nerd.

But "a ___ freak" is someone who's really emotionally involved in their hobby. "A ___ nerd" is someone who knows a lot about their topic, but may not be as energetic as "a ___ freak".