“That sounds a little too intense for me.”

You're talking with a friend about a movie that he saw. He says that a man cuts off his own arm in the movie. You say this because you think it would be too uncomfortable for you to watch.

That sounds a little too intense for me.

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(something) sounds (adjective)

When someone tells you about something, and you want to respond to them, use the phrase, "That sounds ___":

That sounds so fun!

Do you want to watch it with me? It sounds interesting.

too (adjective) for me

Explain why you don't like something using this phrase:

It's too spicy for me.

This textbook is way too easy for me.


The word "intense" means "strong" or "extreme". You use intense with words like these:

It has an intense flavor.

It was an intense experience.

She has a really intense personality.

In the example above, the speaker doesn't want to see the movie because it's too "intense". That means that the emotions that such a story will make him feel are too strong. He's worried that watching the movie will make him feel uncomfortable.