“The guy in the apartment right below me seems to be having some construction done.”

Your apartment is noisy because people are hammering, cutting things, and yelling in the apartment that's under yours. You you say this while explaining the problem to a friend of yours.

The guy in the apartment right below me seems to be having some construction done.

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a guy

A "guy" is a man. It's a casual word.

You use this word instead of "man" when you're talking to your friends or in a casual situation like at a party. The person you're talking about can either be someone that you know, or someone who you don't know but don't have high respect for.

For a stranger who seems older and more respectable, "man" or even "gentleman" are more polite.

Note that you can use the plural form, "guys", when you're talking to a group of men or women:

Great job today, guys. Keep up the good work.

But "guy" (singular) always refers to a man.

an apartment

People in cities usually live in "apartments". An "apartment" is one set of rooms that a person or family lives in, inside of a larger building.

You call the building as a whole "an apartment building". In my apartment building, there are about 50 different apartments.

right below (something)

If you live on the 5th floor of an apartment building, there are at least 4 apartments below yours. If you specifically want to talk about the apartment that is one floor down from you, use "right below". Do the same when talking about pictures on a page, like when you're looking at a high school yearbook:

The one right below that is my friend DeAngelo, who lives in New York now.

(something) seems to be (happening)

Use this phrase to talk about things that you don't know for sure, but you think are true based on evidence that you see or hear. For example, you can talk about changes to the economy this way:

The unemployment situation seems to be getting worse.

You don't know if this is true or not; you're just guessing because you've talked to several people who have gotten laid off recently.

In the example at top, the speaker says that her neighbor "seems to be" having construction done because she hasn't seen anyone working or spoken with the guy who lives there. She's just guessing based on the noises she hears.

have construction done

"Construction" means building things. It can mean building a huge office building, a house, or even renovating the inside of an apartment.

Most people don't do their own construction, so they pay professionals to build things for them. Hiring carpenters and workers to build something on your house or apartment is called "having construction done":

I'm having some construction done on my kitchen.