“There you go.”

Your friend asked you to pass her a book. You say this as you hand it to her.

There you go.

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There you go.

You say "There you go" when you're giving or handing a person something:

A: Can you pass me a napkin?

B: There you go.

More generally, you use it when you're doing something for another person. For example, say "There you go" when:

  • you stand up to let someone sit down
  • you've finished tying someone's necktie for them
  • you clear a space on the kitchen counter for someone to set a hot dish on

You can also say "Here you go" in the same way. There are no absolute rules for when to use one or the other, but I would use "Here you go" if I brought something to them from far away, and "there you go" if I'm sitting in one place and handing them the object.