“There's so much to do there.”

You used to live in New York. Someone you just met is asking you about living there. You offer this astute observation.

There's so much to do there.

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there's (so much/a lot/nothing/etc.) to do

People use the phrase "There's so much to do" in two situations:

  1. When talking about a place that has a lot of fun activities available.
    I love Paris. There's so much to do there.
  2. When talking about the amount of work that they have to do.
    Wow, there's so much to do today! I don't know where to start.

You can use several different words in the phrase to describe how much there is to do. For example, "there's nothing to do" is a complaint that kids sometimes make when they're bored.

This is boring! There's nothing to do.

so much (something)

Use "so much" to describe an amazing or surprising amount of something. "So much" is more than "a lot" or "very much".

You can only use "so much" for things that aren't countable, like liquids (water, gasoline, soup), emotions (love, fun, interest), and so on. For things that you are able to count, use "so many" instead:

There are so many people in New York, it's crazy!