“We could have just ordered one dish and split it.”

You are having lunch at a restaurant with your husband. You each ordered one dish, but the dishes were huge and you couldn't finish your food. Stuffed, you say this.

We could have just ordered one dish and split it.

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(someone) could have (done something)

You say that you "could have" done something when you realize that there was a better day to do something, after you did it. For example, if a good friend is visiting your city and you find out that they got a hotel room, you can say:

You could have stayed with us.

order (food)

You use the word "order" for when you ask for food at a restaurant:

What are you going to order?

You can also order things to be delivered to you, like food:

Why don't we order a pizza?

Things that get delivered in the mail can also be "ordered".

split (something)

To "split" something means to share it equally between people. It's often used in a restaurant setting. Things that people often "split" include:

  • split an appetizer (at a restaurant)
  • split a dessert
  • split the check

You can split something with another person:

Do you want to split this with me?

Or you can split something between a group of people:

We'll just order a few salads and split them between us.