“Well, currently I'm an accountant at a commercial real estate company.”

You were talking to someone at a party, and she asked you what you do. You don't think that the job you have right now is very interesting, so you say this.

Well, currently I'm an accountant at a commercial real estate company.

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One reason for saying "well" at the beginning of a sentence is to show that you're unsure about something.

This can happen when someone asks you a question that you don't immediately know the answer to:

A: What are you doing this weekend?

B: Well, let's see... Oh! I'm having lunch with Gavin on Saturday.

It can also happen when you're trying to say something nice, even though you're thinking things that aren't nice.

A: What do you think of Lana?

B: Well... she's... always very punctual.

You shouldn't use "well" in this way in formal written English.

currently (sentence)

You use the word "currently" to tell how something is now, but also to suggest that it was different in the past or will change in the future. In the example above, when the speaker says that she's "currently" an accountant it means that she might get a different job soon.

You can put "currently" in a few different places in a sentence:

I'm currently an accountant at a commercial real estate company.

I'm an accountant at a commercial real estate company, currently.

But the first example at the top is the best for suggesting that the speaker's job might change.

"Currently" is a little formal and can be used in writing or in spoken English.

a (job title) at a (kind of company)

When you're explaining your job, you usually give two pieces of information: 1) What your job title is ("teacher", "engineer", "waiter"), and 2) What kind of company or organization you work for ("an elementary school", "a company that manufactures computer chips", "an Italian restaurant".

To explain your job completely, you say "I'm a ___ at a ___":

I'm a science teacher at an elementary school.

I'm an engineer at a company that manufactures computer chips.

I'm a waiter at an Italian restaurant.

an accountant

An accountant is a person whose job is to calculate information about people's or companies' money. Many people think of it as being a boring job.

commercial real estate

A real estate company sells houses or buildings to people. So real estate is the houses, rooms, or buildings that are being sold.

When people think of real estate, they usually imagine houses that are being sold for people to live in. So there is another term, "commercial real estate", which means buildings or spaces being sold that are meant for businesses.