“Well, I'm currently employed as an account manager at a charter airline.”

At a job interview, you've been asked to introduce yourself. You want to start by telling the interviewer about the job you have now. You want to sound professional, so you say this.

Well, I'm currently employed as an account manager at a charter airline.

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People use "Well," at the beginning of a sentence when answering a question. It shows that you're thinking about your answer.

There are other reasons for using "well". You can use it when you're unsure of what you're going to say. You make the word longer and pause before your next word when you're not sure. When you are sure but just want to show that you're thinking about your answer, say "well" quickly and then continue with your answer directly.

(someone) is currently (doing something)

"Currently" means "now" but sounds a lot more formal and professional. It's used in a lot of business situations. For example, you can use it on your voice mail message at work:

Hi, you've reached Aaron. I'm currently unavailable, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

In the example at top, the speaker says that he is "currently employed as..." That means that he has a job right now. In the U.S., it's common to apply for a new job and go on interviews while you're still at your previous job.

(someone) is employed as a (job title) at (a company)

To "be employed" means that you have a job. To express what your job is in a formal way, use the phrase "employed as ___":

Sylvia is employed as a financial analyst at a major bank.

I was previously employed as a digital marketing manager.

And to express where you work, use "at ___". You can say the type of company that you work for, or the nameof the company:

He is employed as an engineer at Cisco.

Remember that this is quite a formal way to express your job title. In normal conversation, just say:

Sylvia is a financial analyst at a bank.

a charter airline

A "charter airline" is a company that you can book private airplane flights with. Other related phrases you might hear include:

  • A "charter jet" is an airplane that you can rent from a charter airline.
  • To "charter a flight" means to schedule a flight on a charter jet.