“What a waste, huh?”

You went out to eat lunch, and the restaurant brought you a lot of food. You couldn't eat it all, and you can't take it home with you. You say this because you have to throw it away.

What a waste, huh?

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what a (something)

What a ___" communicates the idea "That's really ___" or "You're really ___." Here are some examples:

If you have to throw away food that's still good, you can say:

What a waste, huh?

Here's something a woman can say when a man opens a door for her:

What a gentleman! Thank you very much.

If a lot of people show up to your event or party:

What a great turnout!

(sentence), huh?

When someone ends a sentence with "huh?" it means that they think you're going to agree with what they said:

What a waste, huh?

Oh, I guess we're both going the same way, huh?

Valerie's really on a rampage today, huh?

"Huh" is common when you're making small talk about the weather, or when you're gossiping about someone.

When someone says "___, huh?" you should respond "Yeah!" if you agree with what they said.

a waste

When you have to throw away something that's valuable, like good food, you say that it's "a waste".