“When's it due?”

You are talking with a classmate about an assignment you have to do for the class. You don't remember when the deadline is. This is what you ask your classmate.

When's it due?

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In casual conversation, a question like "when is it...?" gets shortened to "when's it...?"

This is pronounced with a "z" sound, like "wenzit" or "hoozit" (who's it).

(something) is due

The time when an assignment, project, or application "is due" is the time that it must be finished by. The idea is very similar to a deadline. However, "deadline" is a noun and "due" is an adjective.

You can tell what the time something is "due" is by saying:

  • due on (a day)
    I think it's due on the 23rd.
  • due by (a time)
    It was due by midnight last night.
  • due (next ___/last ___)
    Your application is due next Tuesday.