“Wow, this is actually pretty good.”

You bought a bottle of wine on sale for only $4. You try it out, and are surprised that it's better than you thought it would be. You say this about the wine.

Wow, this is actually pretty good.

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pretty (adjective)

You use "pretty" before an adjective to show how much of that quality something has.

"Pretty ___" is somewhere between "kind of " and "really". It basically means "a little more than you expected". For example:

This soup is actually pretty good.

I think I have a pretty good shot at getting the job.

That song is pretty catchy.

(something) actually (is / does something)

"Actually" is a word that you use when you're saying something that you think will be surprising or new information to the listeners. For example:

Wow, this is actually pretty good.

I actually did it myself.

You can use "actually" in several places in a sentence. One place is before a verb, like this:

We've actually had to turn away business.


"Wow" shows that you're surprised.

People often say "wow!" in a a really excited tone of voice, but you can also say it in a relaxed and calm voice if you're reacting to something that's only a little surprising.

(food/drink) is good

Food and drinks are most often described as "good", rather than "tasty" or "delicious". These words are used as alternatives, when you want to say something more than just "good".