“You know, I've been thinking about the move.”

You and your family are going to move to another city in a couple months. You haven't fully planned how you're going to move all your stuff yet, but you have an idea. You're having dinner with your wife, you say this to introduce the topic of how to move your stuff.

You know, I've been thinking about the move.

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You know,

"You know" is a phrase that you can use to introduce an idea that you have. You say "You know" to let people know that you're going to say something new and interesting that they probably don't know about yet:

You know, this would actually be a great place to have our wedding reception.

You know, I'd love to, but I can't.

In the example above, "you know" would be pronounced quickly and without stress.

I've been thinking about (something)

This phrase is used to introduce an idea. One reason to use this phrase is to show that you're saying something that you've thought about for a while, not just an idea that you just came up with.

the move

When you move from one house or apartment (or office building) to another, you can call that situation "a move":

Are you all packed up for your move?