“Sorry, the ink smeared a little.”

English Lesson: Sorry, the ink smeared a little.

You're giving a friend a gift for her baby shower. You wrote a note on a card, but you accidentally touched it while the ink was wet. You apologize for the messy writing when you give her the gift.

Sorry, the ink smeared a little.


This is a way to apologize for a small mistake you made. When you make a larger mistake and want to apologize more strongly, you can say "I'm sorry for ___ing":

I'm sorry for calling you by mistake.

However, in most situations this would be much too strong of an apology. So just saying "Sorry" is more appropriate.

(something) smeared

When something like ink or paint gets wiped or spread around on a surface, you say that it "smeared". Other things that can "smear" include:

  • makeup
  • toothpaste
  • sauces

Here's how "smear" fits in a sentence:

 I accidentally smeared the ink.

My lipstick smeared.

There's pasta sauce smeared all over your shirt!

Another word with a similar meaning (but less common) is "smudged".

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