English Lessons

“He has his father's stubbornness.”

English Lesson: He has his father's stubbornness.

Your son bought a motorcycle, even though you and the rest of your family told him not to. You complain about him to his girlfriend.

He has his father's stubbornness.

English Lesson: We’re up 10% over last quarter.

You're presenting sales results in a meeting at work. You tell the group that the company is doing better now than 3 months ago.

English Lesson: It's been one thing after another all day.

You've had a busy day at work, with lots of different people asking you for help with different problems. Now it's the afternoon, and you're talking with a coworker. You want to tell her about your busy day, so you tell her this.

English Lesson: We just need to think about whether that will work from a design perspective.

You and a few coworkers are working on a mobile phone app. You've come up with a basic plan for the app. The plan works for the marketing team and the programmers, but no designers have checked it. You point this out.

English Lesson: I can assist you with that.

You work at a clothing store. A customer looks like he's ready to check out. You want to offer to help him, so you say this.

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