English Lessons

“I don’t think that’s really an option due to our budget.”

English Lesson: I don’t think that’s really an option due to our budget.

You're having a meeting at work to discuss way to solve a problem. A coworker suggests one solution, but it would be too expensive. You reject his idea.

I don’t think that’s really an option due to our budget.

English Lesson: I'm not saying that they're not skilled musicians... their stuff just isn't for me.

You're talking with a friend about a band that he really likes. You tell him that you don't like them as much. He can't believe it and tries to convince you that they are great musicians. You explain why you don't like their music.

English Lesson: I don't really want to go, but I feel kind of obligated.

Your coworker has invited you to her birthday party. Because you see her every day, you feel like you should attend, but you would rather stay home. You explain this to your room mate.

English Lesson: I saw... oh shoot, what's her name? I'm drawing a blank.

You ran into one of your boyfriend's coworkers today. You've met her a few times before, but you don't remember her name. You're trying to tell your boyfriend what happened.

English Lesson: Do you want me to strike a pose?

You're on vacation with your boyfriend. He's taking a picture of you in front of a landmark. You think it would be funny to pretend to be a model for the photo, so you suggest it.

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