English Lessons

“Over one in five Americans suffer from obesity.”

English Lesson: Over one in five Americans suffer from obesity.

You're writing a blog post about how you think America should solve the problem of having too many overweight people. You write this in your introduction of the topic.

Over one in five Americans suffer from obesity.

English Lesson: Excuse me, I wanted to see about opening a small business checking account.

You're starting a business. You need a bank account, so you walk into a bank and say this to an employee who's sitting at the customer service desk.

English Lesson: Um... talk to me after the meeting.

You're leading a meeting at work. One of the attendees at the meeting asks you a question. You don't want to answer the question in front of the whole group, so you say this.

English Lesson: We're looking into replacing our current video hosting provider.

Your company has a website which uses lots of videos. You're trying to find a new service to use for storing and playing the videos. You write this in a contact form for one of the services.

English Lesson: I find it really hard to focus on my work in the afternoon.

At work, you always get sleepy after lunch and don't work very efficiently. You say this when describing the problem to a friend of yours.

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