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It’s very important today to know some English. Even though you don’t aim to become an expert in the language, it’s still important to be able to read and talk to someone in English. Otherwise, you risk being cut out of a lot of knowledge and content of any type. Learning a new language can seem very compelling, but the truth is that English is considered an accessible and relatively easy language to learn! If you have the right strategy you can learn English quickly and without too much drag.

If they taught you English at school and you didn’t learn it, it’s probably because they gave you boring lessons about grammar and syntax. These are important things, of course, but there are more effective ways and strategies to learn the language. We want to share here some practical and effective tips that can really help you learn English quickly and successfully. See our infographic to have a quick look at the best tips on how to learn English.


15 Best Tips on How to Learn English

     1.  Learn the most popular English words

If you type “Most common English words” on Google, you can get a list of the most popular English words. Take a look at that list and try to remember as many words as you can.

     2.  Learn how to pronounce English words

A simple Google research is often just enough to learn how to pronounce English words.

     3.  Listen to English radios online

Improve your listening skills and learn pronunciation by listening to English radios. Type BBC 4 on Google and you’ll get free access to it.

     4.  Watch English movies, TV series and TV programs

Watch English movies to improve your vocabulary and listening skills. It may be required to pay a small monthly fee for streaming services, but it will totally worth it.

     5.  Use a dictionary

Use a dictionary: buy a hard copy or use one of the free resources that you can find online, like the Oxford dictionary at

     6.  Learn English Basics

A great way of learning some English basics for free is finding lessons on YouTube. There are lots of videos like “Learn English in 30 minutes” that can provide you with the basics of the language.

     7.  Search for free online English courses

Once you’ve enriched your vocabulary, you need to improve some more advanced grammar - an English course can be very helpful. You don’t need to spend any money: the internet is full of free online English courses - just type “Free English Courses” on Google!

     8.  Find listening materials on YouTube

Some great listening material can be found typing IELTS listening or TOEFL listening on YouTube.

     9.  Listen to English audiobooks

Download and listen to English Audiobooks. Search for free audio mp3 books on Google.

     10.  Watch English TV

Watching TV is a great way of learning pronunciation: watch BBC for British pronunciation and CNN for the American accent.

     11.  Listen to English music

Listen to any kind of English music.

     12.  Use Google Images to enrich your vocabulary

Type a word into Google Images and it will show you the most appropriate pictures to depict the word. It will also help you remember the meaning of new words.

     13.  Take English tests online

To test your skills, try some English tests. You can find a lot of free tests available online - try to take periodical tests to monitor your progress. 

     14.  Play English learning quizzes and games

You can find tons of English learning games and quizzes online or on your smartphone AppStore. They are an awesome way to learn and practice your English while having some fun.

     15.  Read the book “Talent is Overrated” for motivation

We often think that some people’s great performances come from their natural-born talent. The book Talent is Overrated but Geoff Colvin - that was published ten years ago and that is now a classic - tells you that you don’t need a natural gift to succeed in your goals. Hard work and practice are the tools to be great at something!

For more information on technqiue people have used to learn English, please check this infographic by for more details.

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